Top 4 Sports Games of 2019

Top 4 Sports Games of 2019

Sports games are a vast genre. They cover everything that requires a competition of athletes to win a game. After our article on the top 5 shooter games, we have decided to show you our choices of the top 4 sports games of 2019. In this article, we have compiled the top 4 downloaded games for PC.

Sports games are usually fast-paced, action-packed, thrilling games that get your adrenaline rushing to try and win the game. There was a time when the only sports games that you could get were football. However, now, there are not many sports that have not been recreated within a game. There are various types of sports games, including all team sports, extreme sports, and combat sports too. Although we have based this article on our top downloads, we have still tried to include one or two games from different sports. 

Of course, not all of these games will be to your taste. Some may even cause a little conflict, but that is what makes the sports game genre so impressive. What is a sport without a bit of competitiveness?

Again, the same as the top shooters’ article, I will keep these in alphabetical order, to avoid unhealthy conflict!

Top 4 Sports Games of 2019 – F1 2019

F1 games have been around almost as long as computer games themselves. The competitive, adrenaline pumping, the open-wheel championship has the unrivaled spot of pole position in the world of racing games. There is no wonder, either. The world of Formula One is the internationally most recognized motorsport in the world, ever. That is why F1 2019 has made it into this article!

F1 2019

F1 have given Codemasters the license to make the official games of F1 for a very long time now. There is no wonder that they have been a leading publisher of racing games on all platforms for over thirty years! If you name a well-known racing game, then it is likely that Codemasters published it. They were even called the best independent video game developer of 2005!

F1 2019 based on the 2019 Formula One and Formula 2 Championships, and it is the twelfth game in the series that Codemasters have developed. They even stated that the game was in development for nearly two years, and is the most ambitious release in the history of the franchise.

It is not often that racing games will develop every single aspect to a game, however, the F1 2019 has made its way into the Top 4 Sports Games of 2019 for doing exactly that. Battle your way around all twenty-one circuits, with all twenty drivers, and ten teams that are present in the actual championship!


Could you ever have expected to see an article named; the Top 4 Sports Games of 2019, and not see FIFA 20? I thought not. Electronic Arts have owned the football field for as long as Codemasters have owned the racing games.

VOLTA is the massive addition to FIFA 20 that makes this game as unique and desirable as you would expect from a FIFA game. Immerse yourself in the smaller, street games developed for this installment. If you are wondering, the name VOLTA translates as “to return” from Portuguese.

FIFA 2020 game

The focus has changed slightly from the roar of the massive stadiums and moved towards the VOLTA style game. Use simplified flicks, skill moves, flair animations, and even the wall to defeat your street opponent. However, do not, for a second, think that they have not put as much detail into the bigger games and teams that you are used to in this franchise.

The Ultimate Team mode is still a massive feature of the game, and will now feature eighty-eight iconic players which include fifteen new names on the list. They have even added two new game modes to the Ultimate team; King of the Hill and Mystery Ball. These two feature game modes have taken the FIFA franchise to another level. Therefore, that is why it has made the top 4 sports games.


NASCAR Heat 4 has jumped straight into the top 4 sports games of 2019. Only days after release, the download rate is immense. It stands to reason that this title is by far the strongest performing game in the history of the franchise. If you are new to the game, and you want a bit of a more relaxed time playing it, then you have chosen an excellent starting point.

The newest addition to the game series is sliding scales to change the handling and abilities of yours and AI cars. Not only will those slider scales give you more control over the difficulty, but it will also give you a unique and exciting experience while you are on track.


In the career mode, you have payouts made by contracts, and you then save the money for your team. Not only do you have the ability to save up your hard-earned cash, but you also have to change out your car’s chassis to ensure you have the best set up for each track that you are going to race on. Employees and resource management have also taken another turn for the games series, and you have to choose the best outfit for the races.

The customization and control that you have over the career mode have made NASCAR Heat 4 one of, if not the best game that has been produced in the franchise by 704Games. They have even included NASCAR Xfinity, NASCAR Gander Outdoors, and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup series for you to race on, with the new edition of the Xtreme Dirt Tour where you get to race on gravel tracks.

Try your skill on the thirty-eight tracks and over 150 teams that are in the season this year!

Top 4 Sports Games of 2019 – NBA 2K20

If basketball simulators are your basket, then NBA 2K20 is on this list of the top 4 sports games of 2019 for you.  Just like the other games in the series, 2K have strived to produce the most realistic rendition of the National Basketball Association (NBA) games as possible.

Not only do they make the most realistic game for the sport, but they also have featured teams such as the 95-95 Chicago Bulls, and 85-86 Boston Celtics. They have now added more from past eras too. In this edition of the game, they have added six more iconic teams for you to play.

Top 4 Sports Games of 2019 NBA 2K20

For the first time in the series, 2K have included all twelve teams from the Women’s National Basketball Association too. Play as the WNBA star Candace Parker and other stars in multiple game modes including the MyCareer where you compete in on and off-court activities.

For the eighth time in the series, you will also see the MyGM and MyLeague modes which will add the management and development of all the operations for any specific team.

Redefine the NBA gaming possibilities, take to the court and try to win.


The conclusion would usually end up with us, telling you what the best game out of the selection is. However, this has not been the aim of this article. We have featured the four most downloaded sports games so far this year. However, yes, if you were to ask me, my favorite game is on here. FIFA20 is by far my preferred game to play of the entire list. Although the fast pace of F1 2019 keeps me on the edge of my seat, shouting at my TV.

Comment below if you think there should be another game added to the list.

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