Xbox Game studios: Interesting facts to know

Microsoft Studios

Xbox Game StudiosXbox studios is a very popular platform for building new video games. Games released by this brand get pretty popular and the public absolutely loves them. Xbox Game studios were known as Microsoft Studios initially. There was no dedicated department of games in Microsoft in the initial days. However, as the games produced by the company started getting a bit popular, several establishments related to the gaming sector came into existence in the company.

Xbox Game Studios / Microsoft Studios

Business: Publisher and Developer video game.


However, after a few years and some game releases such as Forza Horizon, Xbox was created and the first console was released. A whole new department of gaming was created in Microsoft and projects were handled accordingly.

To help you know Xbox better, below mentioned are some facts about the company that you shouldn’t miss. Read below:

  • The color of the logo:

Ever wondered why the brand logo of Xbox is green in color. You might not give this fact much thought, and consider this as a completely normal fact. However, this might come as a shock to you that the reason behind this logo color is the owner. The owner of the company was supposed to present the final logo of the company but unfortunately lost his pens in a theft. And all he was left with was a green marker.

  • Nobody believed in the company:

When the owner of the company took the idea to Microsoft for consideration, many of Microsoft’s followers suggested refusing the proposal. Many didn’t even consider Xbox as a real thing and we’re sure of its fall.

  • Three favorite games of the executives:

Xbox has given us some really cool games that are so much to play and explore such as the Age of Empires, etc. Everyone has one favorite game from the lot and so do the executives of the company. According to an interview conducted by a leading newspaper, the main executives of the company selected three games that were close to their heart and personally like playing. These games were Crimson Skies, Voodoo Vince, Psychonauts.

  • They had to fight rumors spread by rivals:

Due to the increasing fondness for the Xbox in people’s minds, the rival companies of Xbox started spreading rumors about the low-quality discs that come from the company. This particular rumor acted as a dent to the Xbox’s reputation and had an effect on the company’s reputation. People started fearing their disc drives and viruses and sales dropped down dramatically. However, the owners of the company didn’t give up and made sure to prove rumors wrong by hook or by crook.

  • Xbox keeps backup singers backstage:

Xbox makes sure to present its new launches in the best way possible. The organizers make sure to keep an entire team from the music department just in case something goes wrong on stage during the launch.

Xbox has provided us with some amazing games such as Minecraft that you just cannot help but keep playing.