History of the popular game developing company Square Enix

Square Enix studio

Square Enix publisherSquare Enix, one of the most popular and admired gaming developers has provided the world with a great set of video games. The company originated in Japan and has been able to provide some of the finest games to the gamers. Square Enix has been in the field for a long time and has earned a good reputation in the gaming industry for the quality of games and amazing graphics. The company is also known for its role-playing games as well. Publishers of games produced by Square-Enix / Eidos: Ubisoft.

Square-Enix / Eidos

Business: Publisher and Developer video game.

WWW: https://square-enix-games.com/

Origin of the company

Like every other company, Square Enix started as a very small and low-sale company that was in need of capital to make even ends meet after a while. The company started gaining some popularity once the public noticed its awesome storytelling skills and theme. These traits gave them an edge in the market when the other companies were following the same old ways of portraying video games. The developers of the company had to go through some tough times in order to reach the position there are at today. What helped them stay this successful is their loyalty towards their fans. Constant support from their fans helped them stay determined to the goals and brought them to success.

  • Initially, Square Enix was two companies namely Enix and Square. Enix was the more successful out of the two and had a huge team of developers working under it. They produced a lot of games and were pretty popular among gamers. Enix also published games for Nintendo and Sony.
  • All this while, Square was becoming a fierce competitor for Enix and was gaining popularity as well. Square started as a one-man company that designed software as orders.
  • Square tried its luck a few times by creating video games but in vain. However, after Enix’s success of Dragon Quest, Square was able to come up with the best game he had ever created that came to be known as Final Fantasy. Final fantasy became the main project of Square and provided them with the popularity it deserved.
  • After witnessing each other’s success, Enix and Square started considering merging they are and become one brand. In the year 2002, the plan came into action when both the companies were at their peaks. This historic merger brought even greater success to the developers.
  • In spite of the merger, the company has decided to keep the video game division separated and work together on movies, demographics, etc. The company has also made the popular series Life is Strange which is one of the most popular anime series.
  • To increase its profits, Square Enix has also taken its business overseas such as China, U.S., Europe, etc. This has helped in gaining even more popularity than before.

Square Enix has contributed huge amounts to the gaming industry. Square Enix has also been successful in making movies such as Tomb Raider, Marvel’s Avengers etc.