Competing With The Giants: How Rebellion Studios Are Rising To The Top?

Rebellion Studio publisher game

Rebellion developer gameRebellion Developments Limited is one of the lesser-known video game developers. Jason and Chris Kingsley are its founders. Established in December 1992, the company has developed a few of the well-known games. Rebellion Studio is responsible for the Sniper Elite series, Alien vs Predator, and characters such as Rogue Trooper. It also sells comic books and publishes games. Therefore, a small group of 300 workers has proved their mettle through versatility, in the gaming industry.

Business: Publisher and Developer video game.


How Has Rebellion Studios Evolved Over The Years?

The company is headquartered in Oxford, England and was founded here, too. Jason and Chris used to work freelance, especially in the gaming industry. They eventually organized their work and founded Rebellion Studios. The developers signed their first deal, as a company, with Atari UK. The deal made them develop Checkered Flag and Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar system in 1994.

The rebellion went on a long hiatus after the release of Alien vs Predator. They bought a comic 2000AD from Fleetway Publications. Rebellion made video games centered on different characters from the same comic such as Judge Dredd. Sniper Elite was one of their many successful games as it was awarded as the Best PC/ Console Game in the TIGA Awards, 2005.

Rebellion Studios then went on to acquire other studios and has five subsidiaries. It has developed video games for many consoles. Some of the famous franchises that Rebellion is a part of include Star Wars, BioShock, and Cubicle. The most recent acquisitions came in 2019 when Rebellion took over TickTock Games and The Bitmap Brothers.

Which Two Are The Best Franchises Of Rebellion Studios?

Rebellion has had a part in the development or publishing of The Mummy, Midnight Club, Delta Force, and Battlezone. It has been a part of many famous franchises and two of its greatest includes:

  • Sniper Elite is a combination of FPS and third-person shooter game. As the name suggests, the player has to snipe the targets. With a simple layout, Rebellion studios have developed an intriguing game. The series has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide and has gathered many positive reviews.
  • Zombie Army is a trilogy, third-person tactical shooter game. It is a spin-off of Sniper Elite series and has performed equally well. Available on almost all platforms, the game plays with the aftermath of World War 2. Fans await the fourth installment to the game.

Play The Highest-Quality Games

Indeed, Rebellion Studios has developed and published a few of the best franchises and games. It has taken part in the development of series such as BioShock, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Gunfighter, Harry potter, and Lords of the Realm. The developers aim to continue their top franchises to give more to the gaming community.

The company has won many awards and set many records. It invests in board games and other areas of entertainment as well. Rebellion has always aimed higher and continues to develop games at a large pace with a small army. Evil Genius 2 and Zombie Army 4 are much-awaited games from the developers.