The significance of Electronic Arts/ EA Sports Developers!

Electronic Arts / EA Sports

Electronic ArtsWith its location in Redwood city in California, Electronic Arts are one of the best American gaming companies, which is known for its high-quality video game standards. The company occupies the second position in its video game market, attracting players from all over the globe. The introduction of new gaming concepts and technological variations in the games has led to an increase in its overall market value, almost crossing the 10 billion dollar mark. While Activision Blizzard occupies the first position, the developer is ahead of other major competitors like take-two interactive as well as Ubisoft.

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A brief history of collaborations and achievements:

Established in the year 1982, Electronic arts were founded by an Apple employee by the name of Trip Hawkins, whose software designing goals, took the company so far. With the development of serious games and understanding its importance among the global mass media, the first game that was developed in the year 1987, was Skate or Die.

Till today, some of the best game that EA is famous for, are as follows:

  • Battlefield
  • Medal of Honor
  • Need for speed
  • Dragon age
  • Army of Two
  • Dead space
  • Star wars

In collaboration with EA sports, games like FIFA, NBA Live, Madden NFL, NHL, etc, have captured the minds of players all over the world. Each one of the games developed by this company can be played on the PC, along with in Xbox as well as PlayStation.

A little note on some of the best games:

  • FIFAIf you are a football fan, then nothing can beat the enthusiasm and the spirit of watching football. To turn this global event into a new video game, electronic arts produced the game titled, FIFA. Here, players can make their own teams, train the players and prepare the teammates for a challenging game of football. You can also design your own team jersey and make things fun and interesting, by interacting with the audience. Choose your stadium location and start playing football matches today.
  • BattlefieldFor all hardcore gamers out there, Electronic arts is said to have developed the game titled, ‘’Battlefield’’. Learn to challenge your enemies and fight it out, with the use of skills and other massive combat techniques.
  • Star warsIf you are already a star wars fan, then playing the Star Wars video game is no less than a dream come true. Be your own superhero and challenge the extra-terrestrial enemies for the deadliest battle ever.
  • The SimsA sandbox game for all age groups, the sims focuses on creating a place for all players and even satisfying one’s personal desires!

The final word on the developer:

This gaming industry is proud of its achievements, with the release of a game that has set a world record. In other words, each one of the games stands out to be original, with the company’s success boosting the morale of its employees. Therefore, if you haven’t played any game from this series, then you should definitely do so!