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Are you a fan of MMO shooters? Want to try something new? So you just have to get on Steam, get Scavengers Reloaded and indulge in an entertainment at excellent level. This PvE game takes the player into not-so-distant future. And the future looks frosty: the Earth is again in ice-age. Player is put right in the middle of an open world that seems to live at its own pace. The natural circumstances set the player against a hard task: to survive in unfavorable conditions. But that’s not all, because there are various hazards in stock for him, both in the form of inhabitants of the icebound world, and the other players. Therefore struggle for survival means also fight with other characters. Eventually the principle in such an unfriendly world are simple: survival of the strongest or the smartest. The reviewed game of the genre Battle royale release date was scheduled for 2019. More informations:

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This online shooter was created thanks to the ideas of Midwinter Entertainment Studio. In the team working on the edition there were people responsible for superproductions such as Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty: WWII, or Star Wars: Battlefront. And this is a good promise, because the creation of the sandbox game was in the hands of shooters’ experts. The studio decided to publish the multiplayer game only for PCs. So if you’re a fan of such hits as CoD or CS, get Scavengers Download game and taste the new, amazingly interesting gameplay.

The storyline is based on a conflict of three nations that appear on this inhospitable, icebound world. The first one are mutated animals, i.e. Scourge, the second are people, in this game called Outlanders, and the last, third faction are a mysterious group called Salient. We know that the last ones are controlled by artificial intelligence at an advanced stage of development. As for the game’s mechanics, we deal here with standard TPP, which means the player watches all action and the world around from a third-person perspective. Becoming a particular character, we have the possibility to explore a large open world that seems to be an ecosystem living its own life. A big advantage of the game is the fact, that each character in the production has a unique behavioral system, which makes the clashes between groups or duels even more interesting. Are you encouraged by this vision? If so, select on Steam the option Get Scavengers Download and try your hand in a struggle against nature and other foes. During the game we need to make a four-person team or join an already existing one. It makes the survival in the demanding environment much easier.

In the PvP game there are present very advanced elements of survival. The art of survival is, all in all, essential in this game. And so, apart from fending off attacks from other nations, player must take care of his character, so that it doesn’t freeze, die of hunger or thirst. There are also advanced elements of crafting. Player has the possibility to make basic necessary tools and weapons that makes it easier to survive in the unfavorable conditions. The game uses well-known Unreal Engine technology.

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