The features displayed by the developer titled Bandai Namco Entertainment!

Bandai Namco Entertainment developer game

Bandai Namco Entertainment publisher gameThe gaming industry is powerful in terms of its competitive atmosphere. Therefore, if you look at the major producers and developers of the century, making their way through exceptional gaming confidence, Bandai Namco Entertainment stands as a familiar face in the industry. In other words, this video-game developer, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a multinational company, which is known for its virtual reality games. Taking into account its two branches that of Bandai Namco America as well as Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, the face of this brand is more than 60 years old. Founded in the year 1965, by Masaya Nakamura, Bandai Namco entertainment produces games for the worldwide audience!

Business: Publisher and Developer video game.


A brief history of Bandai Namco Entertainment

The holdings of this game developing industry were finally merged in the year 2006 when Bandai and Namco came together to host the development of various games. In the year 2015, the word entertainment was added to its name, giving it a whole new developmental approach. Players all over the world loved the content and exceptional originality of the games produced, because of which, the industry gained immense popularity.

When coming to the games that this developer is associated with, one can take note of multi-million dollar selling games like Pac-man, Gundam, Tales Tekken, etc. Thus, a brief note of some of the most important games, are listed below:

  • Dragon Ball-

Experience the one to one fight with the enemies with your dragons in the multiplayer game titled, ‘Dragon Ball’’. The energetic appeal and holistic development of the game help players to engage in it, through their teaming approach!

  • Jump Force-

One of the greatest games that you will ever come across from Bandai entertainment is Jump Force. This game is all about using your force to handle all hurdles that come your way. Players love the positive strength and the attitude that they come across in this game. This game is a worth shot from the entire collection!

  • Tekken-

Made by the arcade game developing company, the game Tekken is based on the fighting series, with the opponents able to extract options like escapes, ground fighting, etc. The gameplay is based on tough combat rounds, which the players must address with their own set of skills.

  • Soulcalibur-

Soulcalibur series is based on the fighting arena of weapon games, enabling players to choose their own modes, before playing. Recent developments have introduced the evil, which the players must defeat with their exceptional sword skills.

  • Naruto-

The ultimate game, featuring the character Naruto, rests in two parts. It is great to acknowledge the series and understand its basic development, from the context of the animated character!

The final situation today!

This game developing company holds a strong space in the gaming industry. With millions of profits every year, their gaming ideas never stop. The amalgamation of value as well as appeal into the gaming zone distinguishes the features of the company and ideally creates a versatile gaming platform, with all its flexibility!