The developing strategy of Ghost Games

Ghost Games studio

Ghost GamesWhen it comes to the developing gaming arena, lots of industries are coming to the competitive front, with a better set of games. One of the most influential companies that never fail to impress their young players all over the world is Ghost Games. Earlier known by the title of EA Gothenburg, this gaming industry is known for its profitable racing games, especially the need for speed. Established in the year 2011, this developer is currently one of the best-selling gaming platforms, with actual profits worth 20 billion dollars!


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A short history of Ghost games!

There is nothing critical, to say the least about Ghost Games. This Swedish game developing industry is owned by the multimedia gaming developer titled, Electronic Arts. The development of the latest gaming techniques has led to the functional stability of this developer, with more offices opened in the United Kingdom, and across Europe in Romania, Bucharest, etc!

Multiple aspects played a critical role in determining the release of the Need for Speed series. Critics pointed out that the game required a different franchise, a solution to make it more realistic and fun for players. As a result, speed games like Modern Combat and shift 2, made to the list, but could not stand in favor of the global audience.

When coming to the first release of this developer, it was none other than the Need for speed rivals. The game was an instant hit and recorded more than a million downloads within seconds. Later on, another version of the game, like Need for speed heat, was also released, in collaboration with its head company, Electronic Arts! Other racing games that the developer is famous for, is Forza Horizon, Project Gotham Racing, etc.

The gameplay of Need for Speed:

Need for Speed is one of the best ever action cum racing games, which consists of various modes and serious settings. The game comprises of a full-on the racing field, with a thousand locations that can be accessed, by crossing levels. The race isn’t easy to fulfill, as the path is filled with risks and turns. Therefore, if you are eager to play the game, watch out for the highest score that can you can create.

You can choose from a vast array of cars available. Once you collect enough coins, you have the ability to purchase other vehicles as well. Even locations can be unlocked, thereby keeping you ahead in the points table. If you love to race and cars fascinate you, then the need for speed is just the right game you require right now!

The final thought:

With the release of Need for Speed and other games in its series, players could access every aspect of these racing games in their Windows platform, and even on Xbox. However, the developer now plans to add more sections to this existing series. Therefore, plans to start off with a new racing game is said to make things all the more challenging in the year 2020!