About Us

The team includes a few people who are the fans of computer games. We run the blog about video games to download which are available on all the platforms, such as:

  • Steam – it is the oldest platform of digital distribution available since 2003. It gained its popularity by, among other things, Counter-Strike game, and now, it connects millions of players from all over the world in one place. Steam became the Internet shop step by step and we can find there games which we can use mainly on: Microsoft Windows PC, macOS, Linux, SteamOS, smartphones iOS, Android and PlayStation 3.

The owner: Valve.

  • Uplay – platform similar to Origin, it was developed in 2009. This is a shop of different producers. On the other hand, we can use only Ubisoft game on all of the platforms.

Uplay is used on: Microsoft Windows PC, Android, iOS, Facebook, Nintendo eShop, Xbox One, Xbox 360, OnLive, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows Phone.

The owner: Ubisoft

  • Origin – it is, according to us, second most popular distribution right after Steam developed by Electronic Arts studio which was developed on 2011. From time to time, you can find free full version of games to download, it is very often visible on our page.

Origin is used on: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

The owner: Electronic Arts

Other distributions in which there are games to download which are less known:

  • GOG Galaxy
  • Bethesda.net – Launcher which is the owner of games, such as Skyrim V.
  • Battle.net
  • Rockstar Games Social Club – the owner of the series Grand Theft Auto.

Our group of people shares full versions of games available on PCs. We work on promoting the best top games on the world. You will also find here recommendations about games available in the Internet which are available on torrent files.

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