The Developing identity of THQ Nordic/ Nordic Games!

THQ Nordic / Nordic Games

THQ NordicOne of the greatest Austrian game development companies that have created massive headlines, with its hardcore action games is none other than THQ Nordic. Formerly known as Nordic games GMBH, this gaming industry was formed in the year 2011 and is likely headquartered in Vienna. This developer is part of Embracer Group, which makes both the companies part of the entire game development scenario. In other words, in the year 2016, Nordic games gained its own “THQ trademark”, making the company acquire its sole publishing unit. Nowadays, the company produces games for the audience worldwide!

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A few details about THQ Nordic:

Nordic Games had its own assets settled with other big brands like JoWood Entertainment, The Adventure Company as well as Dream Catcher Interactive. Therefore, once the company acquired its own advantage, the deal to produce new games was accepted. As a result, in the year 2013, this developer acquired one of the greatest gaming franchises, titled, “Desperados franchise”, which consisted of some of the biggest game hits, like Desperados: wanted dead or alive and its second series, Cooper’s Revenge.

In the year 2013, another milestone was reached, with the developer, launching Grimlore games, a new game developing brand. Later, games like Moment of silence, Curse of the Ghosts and even 15 days, made to the list of best games of the year! The contributions of Nordic games in the initial as well as in recent years cannot be ignored.

At present in the year 2019, Nordic games calculated a total profit of 100 million dollars. Later, it acquired one of the best American game developing units, Gunfire Games. It released the game titled, “Darksiders” in August 2019, with its collaboration.

Some great games on the list:

  • Cities Skylines – For a player who loves urbanization, city skylines are the ultimate game that you need to play today. Build your own city and understand its public transport facilities, taxes, etc.
  • DarksidersOne of the greatest games, which focus on combat and battle, is Darksiders. If you are willing to take some extra risks, then this game is worth a shot. There are various elements present in the game, with attacks and the use of weapons.
  • Pillars of EternityFocusing on the eternal struggle, this game is a constant reminder of the battle that is yet to be fought. This game is a sequel to the earlier video game title, Baldurs gate. Pillars of Eternity is not only challenging but keeps you on your toes to win it!
  • Elex – The greatest science-fiction game is here. Elex will leave no stone unturned to find the lost glory of its kingdom. Watch the trailer and know more about the modes that will keep you hyped up!

The final thought:

Nordic Games is proud of its collaborative efforts in all possible fields of developing games for the global audience. Thus, acquiring better-known gaming fields, the developer has reached new heights, assuring players of better gaming standards in the coming years!