Developers In The Shadows: GIANTS Software

GIANTS Software publisher game

GIANTS Software game developerWhile other studios advertise themselves, GIANTS Software has stayed in the shadows. The video game developer produced one of the best farming simulation games. The first installment of the Farming Simulator came out in 2008. The following installments improved in the area of graphics and options. The introduction of new features with every release is common. The game has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide and yet Giants Software remains a mystery. The publishers of games produced by GIANTS Software are: Focus Home Interactive.

Business: Publisher and Developer video game.


What Do You Need To Know About GIANTS Software?

The company came into existence in 2004. It has developed a few simulation games but Farming Simulator remains by far the most popular and the best. The company headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland and is an independent video game developer.

GIANTS Software built one of the most popular franchises. Moreover, they did not plan on launching it as an e-sport. Rather, they added ‘export’ to the game. The Farming Simulator League will take place all across Europe. Its announcement came in 2018. There is a lot at stake and yet Giants are walking in with confidence.

How Did Farming Simulator Become A Success?

The game has meditative gameplay. It is not easy but requires a lot of effort like real-life farming. Players need to farm, grow crops and sell the product, and so on from a third person’s perspective.

The game is available on PC, gaming consoles, and mobiles. Many parts have been released since its inception in 2008. More machines, new crops, and a complex farming system were introduced.

  • Farming Simulator 2008 is the first part of the series. The game only let the players grow wheat. Despite lacking many features, it was the beginning of a successful franchise.
  • Farming Simulator 2011 introduced multiplayer mode. Also, a new map and machinery from many licensed brands were added to the game.
  • Farming Simulator 17 released in 2016. Carrying all the new features from its predecessors including washable vehicles, forestry, pieces of equipment, etc, it also carried new ones. It was rather complex and intriguing. Developers altered the crop growing system to make it more subtle. An expansion pack for the game released in November 2017.
  • Farming Simulator 20 is the latest installment. It had all the features from the Farming Simulator 19 including John Deere machines, oats and cotton crops, and horse farming. New features were also added to the game.

Why Are The Players Trying The Simulation Game?

The game is loved by the video game community. It is said that Giants have sold over 25 million copies of all the games combined. Indeed, the game has a huge fandom. The success is owed to the unique style and meditative gameplay. Also, the mobile game makes it suitable for the younger generation. The developer has left no stone unturned to make their work fruitful.

Giants Software is invested in making an esports out of the game. This has been accepted by the gaming community. More parts are awaited by the fans and hopefully, the esports league will become global soon. The company works quietly and yet has climbed the ladder of success.