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Farming Simulator 17 available PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4 is a popular instalment of the “simulator of farm”. The game, just like its predecessors, has been programmed by GIANTS Software studio. Is it better than previous editions? See for yourself! The reviewed production of the Focus Home Interactive publisher was released on October 25, 2016. Price on steam: 24,99 USD.

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The storyline of the game review

In Farming Simulator 17 we personate the traditional role. Obviously, we are not going to tillage by ourselves. Here, we are dealing with a wide range of different types of equipment that can help us in that. And because such equipment is usually expensive, we have to earn some cash first. Our job is to plant, harvest, and transport goods from place to place. Of course, for executing such type of work we are going to earn adequate amount of money. However, as it happens in such types of simulators – there is not enough cash for expand your business quickly. So, if somewhere deep down you are a farmer (and maybe this is your profession as well), then get the game under the phrase of Farming Simulator 17 Download on your computer. In this way you will not only fulfil your passion but also ensure yourself at least a few hours of entertainment at the highest level.

Game mechanics

As in each new instalment of the series happens, in the case of FS 17 there are several novelties introduced. The first one are two new crops. It is of course sunflower and soybeans. Another novelty are machines. This time there will be more than 300. From this amount, approximately 60 are fully licensed. It means even greater realism of the gameplay. Finally, we will be able to sit behind the wheels of the latest machinery for cultivation of the land.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that in Farming Simulator 17 we will work solely on our land. On the contrary, we will also be able to carry out other activities, outsourced to us by other farmers. In this way, even great amount of cash will fall into our pockets. Also, the new feature is leasing. Yes, the new equipment can be obtained via lease agreements. Additional information can be found on the official game website: Farming Simulator.

For forwarding geeks, the authors of the game has prepared one more novelty… train departures. Thanks to them we can transport goods on larger distances at very low price. Let’s hope that with time this farming simulator will not become train station simulator… There are two new maps added to the gameplay. One of which lies on the Pacific coast. If you want to see how new Farming Simulator 17 Download looks like, then you should necessarily get it on your computer. You will see that this is worth it.

The game graphics

Farming Simulator 17 is made on the same engine as the previous versions of the game. Nevertheless, its huge capabilities let on improving the graphics by giving us much better visual setting and interface. If you are interested in purchasing the game, we recommend the latest part of Farming Simulator 19 for PC.

Game modes

Unfortunately, we have got the bad news for everyone, who prefers online gaming. FS 17 is the game available only in single player mode. So, if you like to farm alone, be sure to download the game by typing in the search engine Farming Simulator 17 Download. Although cooperative mode would be very handy here, the game is still enjoyable.


Farming Simulator 17 is surely the game for every fan of the genre. In order to play it, you just need to love it. It is true that comparing to previous editions of the game, lots of changes aren’t visible. Nonetheless, the best thing about the simulator is still in there. We hope that will never change. At the end of the review it is worth adding that the French company Focus Home Interactive is responsible for such games as: Fear the Wolves, The Surge 2 or the great Spiniters series. Farming Simulator 17 system requirements recommend Dual Core 2.0 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 6 GB HDD, 1 GB GeForce GTS 450 graphics card or better, Windows 7/8/10.

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