Farming Simulator 15 free Download

Farming Simulator 15 free download

It is yet another, sixth installment of the popular game. Those who has the pleasure to play in earlier versions of this game, will surprisingly recognize that Farming Simulator 15 PC, XONE, PS4 is much better from the previous parts. People who deal with this kind of game for the first time will surely rate it positively. Comparing to earlier edition of the game, Farming Simulator 15 was enriched in few additional and – let’s say it straight – few interesting options. Do you want to find out about that by yourself? Click Farming Simulator 15 Download and become a farmer. It’s easier than you think. Agriculture simulator, created by Giants Software, offers us a lot of possibilities in this game. As it was in previous versions, we can manage farm in default locations from the previous releases of the game but not only. Compared to the previous edition, the newest one is enriched about possibility of farm the lands on the Scandinavian, with quite different weather conditions and full of woods. Therefore, one of the new options is work in the forest and management of it. We can sow new ones, cut and transport woods. The release date of the game of Focus Home Interactive publisher took place on October 30, 2014.

Farming Simulator 15 Download

Farming Simulator 15 free download

New agriculture gear review

In the newest game edition (Farming Simulator 19), authors added quite large amount of new farming equipment, which we can have and use in any moment. Except wooding equipment, authors installed a lot of gear from the reputable companies, such as New Holland or Ponsse. It’s worth to add that agriculture machines and tractors are mapped in a perfect way. Every player, who is the fan of simulator games will surely appreciate amazingness of the equipment in the cabins. Interesting addition, which appears in this game is the ability to wash tractors and our agriculture equipment with pressure washer. This feature wasn’t available on PC versions until now. Get full version of Farming Simulator 15 Download on PC computer and test if you are capable of managing your own farm. The reviewed production is also available on: Xbox One, Android, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The game laws

Fundamentals of this game haven’t been changed compared to other versions. Our job is to maintain farm, trying to develop it, sowing, harvesting and breeding animals. Of course it’s not as easy as it might seem. In real farmer life, as it’s here, there might be situations that won’t facilitate our job. There is a multiplayer mode available in this game like in previous editions. You can choose whether you play on LAN and online network with up to max 16 players.

Who this game is made for?

Farming Simulator 15 can be recommended to everyone who want to see how this work looks like. During playing Farming Simulator you can acquire a lot of farming experience and look on this difficult profession from the other side. A lot of playing options isn’t the only advantages of this game but also very good realism. Graphics isn’t the only one nice thing here but also physics realism. Agriculture machines, which driving on the difficult terrain or up the hill don’t perform so well while driving on the straight area. Field or wood work in always connected with getting dirty. What’s more, wrong usage of gear, lack of cautiousness during work can lead to an accident. Everything is greatly mapped. Overall, it’s worth figuring this one out by yourself and make a decision whether you want to buy it. Get to know the country world, the world of farming machines and farms. Get Farming Simulator 15 Download and start playing! Farming Simulator 15 is an excellent choice. To sum up, the recommended requirements for this game are Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM memory, 512 MB graphics card (GeForce 8600 or better), 3 GB HDD and Windows Vista/7/8. For more information, please visit:

Farming Simulator 15 PC Download and install

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