Development of classic games by Paradox Development Studio

Paradox Development Studio game publisher

Paradox Development Studio game developerOne of the most incredible video game developing companies, which took the gaming industry by storm, is the Paradox Development Studio. With its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, this Swedish company produced some of the greatest games of the current decade. Founded in the year 1995, this developer is part of another associate game developer, known by the name of Paradox Interactive. Till today, players love the originality that this company stands for. The games are highly enthusiastic, engaging the global audience with 100% positivity. If you love playing games that speak of strategy, war, then you should definitely try out some of the games today! Publishers of games produced by Paradox Development Studio: Activision Blizzard.

Address: Midskogsgränd 11 SE115 43 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 8 442 70 20
Fax: +46 8 664 12 90

A short history of the game developer

While it all started in the year 1995, the developer started to produce real PC games in the year 1999. There are two separate entities of this developer, which includes Paradox Interactive focusing on creating PC games only. The main part of the company is rather flexible with its creation and employees work hard to produce not only PC games but role-playing and strategy games as well.

The full merging of both the parts of the company took place in the year 2012. This year marked the release of some of the best games, some of which are as follows:

  • Hearts of Iron-The player in the game, ’Hearts of Iron’’, take control of one of the basic nations in the world. As time is during World War, the player must protect the nation at all costs, guiding through the maps of history. Therefore, use all strategies to uplift the nation from battlegrounds!
  • Stellaris-If you are a big fan of space exploration and this is something that excites you the most, then Stellaris is just the right game that you need to play today. This game can be played on Windows and Xbox, and revolves around combat techniques, managing the vast space empire, knowing the details of space warfare, etc.
  • Europa Universalis-In the year 2000, Europa Universalis was introduced to the general public, with other series of the game taking place in the next few years. This is the very first strategy game that required the players to use their dreams to understand the real challenge that was going on. This game allows every player to control one of the greatest European nations, in terms of its wealth and national prospects. In other ways, there is a whole new map provided, which will give access to various resources to the player as well.

The game community modified

Paradox Development has combined the full nature of original gaming and established one of the most prominent game regimes ever. Taking inspiration from renowned game developers in the world, the entire world of gaming drastically changed with the introduction of games like Stellaris or Imperator: Rome and Crusader Kings III. Therefore, with so much buzz around the developmental facility of these games, the industry reached new heights with a profitable score and intense love from players all across the globe!