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Zombie Army 4 Dead War free download

The Zombie Army series makes its comeback with the free to download Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The game is developed by Rebellion Developments and is available on the following platforms, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game supports a third-person shooting scenario consisting of both single-player and co-op modes.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War Download PC

Zombie Army 4 Dead War free


The main storyline starts in the year, 1946. The Zombie Army left out of Hitler’s army continue to spread throughout Europe. And the players might get to see the rise of the famous Zombie Hitler returning to his conquest.

Game Modes

New Campaign Mode

The game continues from the Zombie Army Trilogy into an alternate history. The storyline starts with the resistance defeating Hitler, who along with his army turned into Zombies. After Casting the Zombie Hitler into the Hell, the problem never perished. Instead, the Zombies rose once again, and this time as a greater force.

This mode enables the player to explore through extensive new levels in the game. The main objective lies in uncovering an evil plan that might lead to the world’s end.

This game mode takes the players across various locations in Italy and other places. The players have to fight the Zombie horde in corpse-riddled canals or through a Zombie Zoo. The players set on a journey to explore some of the darkest places on the map.

Horde Mode

A true follower of the Zombie Army game series can never ignore the attractive Horde mode put into the gameplay. And luckily the latest PC game Zombie Army 4: Dead War also comes with this mode to enable players to extend their killing streak and slay zombies as much as they can. The mode features an expanded map especially to adapt to the gameplay the Horde Mode comes with.

The main objective of this mode is to survive the hordes of zombies as long as you can. But it also has a catch to it, the longer your character survives, the map gets bigger with each wave and also the number of zombies increases in numbers exponentially.

New Features Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Immersive Gun-Play

The new installation of the Zombie Army Franchise brings to you immersive gunplay and third-person shooting actions. The makers added the famous ballistics Rebellion into it, which was famous in the Sniper Elite series. This feature proves to be very handy when the player is dealing with an enormously huge zombie horde. The gun-play experience featured in this game claims to surpass the previous three installments.

Kill Cams And Dismemberment

Bringing back into the series is the famous X-Ray Kill Cams. This feature enabled players to experience the rush in an attractive slow motioned environment. Players can watch their shot bullets or their throwables to destroy zombies, penetrating their bones or organs. The X-Ray theme also makes it even more immersive as the bullets tear off the limbs of the never-ending horde of the living dead.

Mystifying Progression And Effective Customisation Options

The latest installment of the Zombie Army series enables players to build and customize their character the way they want. As you progress in ranks, various customizations options are unlocked. The players can choose between various new outfits, taunt moves and attractive emotes. Players can equip any of these to their characters and use them during the game making it look more interactive.

Other than this, the players can act as several roles when playing with a team. They can choose to become a slayer, slaying enemies furiously or become a shield, absorbing damage for their teammates. The game has also enabled the carrying of the turret anytime, anywhere during the game. Another grat action game is Sniper Elite V2 Remastered to download.

Legendary Weapons And Epic Melee

Customize the weapons as you want. The legendary weapons ranging from an assault rifle shooting lightning to pistols equipped with flame-throwers. Upgrade your weapons at various workbenches around the map, and give the zombies a living hell. Utilize the power of lightning, fire and divine essence to make your way through hordes of approaching zombies easily.

And when you are out of ammunitions, keep going forward with various melee weapons and combat moves. If you feel surrounded by a horde, make use of the various takedown moves to clear the way. Stomp the zombies on the head to finish them or use melee weapons to slay them off existence.


Since the game has yet to be released, various reviewers all across the web are mostly positive in their response. The free Zombie Army 4: Dead War game will surely be an era-changing experience in the series and definitely live up to the players’ expectations.   Official website: zombiearmy.com.

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