Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019

Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019

We all love shooter games, and first-person shooters are some of the most popular on the market. That is why FullGamePC editors have compiled a list of the top 5 shooter games of 2019. Not only are they the most popular on PC, but they are the most popular on all platforms. It is with good reason, too. 

Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019 – Battlefield V

Battlefield V, also known as BFV of BF5, is the sixteenth installment in the battlefield series and is going back to its roots with this game. Bringing back a World War II theme. However, history is not only revisited, but it gets completely rewritten in this unparalleled combat shooter based on the early days of WW2. The use of new game engines and mechanics, coupled with the old weaponry that you have will surely give you an unforgettable experience in First Person Shooter gaming.


Most of the World War II games that you will come across have focused on the significant battles of the war. Indeed, this focus was because they are more relatable and widely known conflicts. However, I like what DICE has done with this game. Instead of sticking to the well-beaten path of other WWII games, they have decided to provide a focus on the lesser-known battles.

The game design of the mechanics have also changed in comparison to the older games in the series. You will also have more of an immersive feel to the game by having to open doors, enter vehicles, and pick up supplies yourself.

Battle your way through five massive war stories in campaign mode, play Co-Op campaigns, or compete in multiplayer mode for the ultimate experience. Customization of clothing, weapons, and vehicles in multiplayer mode also give added depth to the game. However, the upgrades do not affect the stats or gameplay.

Dishonoured 2

Next up in this list is Dishonoured 2. In this game, you are a supernatural assassin. You are thrown into a first-person shooter game that is not all about the run and gun aspect of most FPS games. That is what makes this a bit different, and why it is on this list. Not only is the stealth aspect of this game an amazing up point, but so is the freedom that you are given.

Dishonored II

As with most FPS games, you are almost walked through the game, Therefore, not being able to roam much from the storyline. However, in Dishonoured 2, you can complete the missions in several ways in a sandbox environment.

This game is also set in in the bygone era of the mid-nineteenth century. The period that this game is set in will be highly apparent by the architecture, fashion, and technologies throughout it. You will find yourself in a weave of alleyways with concealed entrances and high towers. You even get the option of how to subdue the enemies you find along the way.

Your decision making throughout the game will also have an impact on the ending, giving this FPS a lovely, and well-executed twist on the usual production of this genre.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is the next installment of games after Killing Floor. Horzine Biotech has quickly gained an unstoppable momentum producing specimen clones. Civilization is in absolute chaos, all communications are down, there has been an obliteration of the military, and the complete lack of government. Some people have been lucky enough to go into hiding,

It is now after the outbreak, and you are joining forces with a group of mercenaries and other survivors. The group, along with private funding, are running bases across Europe and tracking down the specimen closed to wipe them out forever.


I am not sure that I have ever seen such a large amount of gore in any other game! Limbs, blood, and guts all go flying around the place as you fight your way through the oncoming hoards of attackers who are sure to dismember you if you get caught. Not only are there new foes to defeat, but this game also sees the return of the old favorite, Zeds. However, they bring a new fear factor to the table this time!

There is an abundance of characters that you can play as too. You can choose to play as one of these on your own, or invite 5 of your friends to join you in a 6 player Co-Op. Six players and a new range of weaponry ensure that you are going to get the most brutal, and Gorey first-person shooter on the market.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

You knew this game was coming, even in the Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has most certainly been one of the biggest games in existence since its release in December 2017. It is still going strong. Pit your first-person shooter abilities against 99 other players in this battle royale multiplayer game.

Start on an immense eight-kilometer squared map, packed with buildings, features, and a city. The map steadily shrinks, as will your confidence in winning this game. You will be playing against some of the best FPS gamers in the world, as you try not to die.


You will start on the map with nothing. The biggest challenge that you will face is not to leave that way too. You will need to find all of your weapons, accessories, and ammunition even to start a battle. Fear not though, once you have a firearm, there will be plenty of targets for you to shoot at, if you get chance. Just don’t wait for too long to pull the trigger. That time is all it takes for one of the other 99 players to get you first.

Most FPS games will give you a little rest bite from the action, but not PUBG. Do not stop, do not rest, do not keep your eye off the swarm of enemies waiting to take you down!

Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019 – Resident Evil 7

The last, but certainly not least game on our Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019, is Resident Evil 7. Resident Evils franchise began in 1996, when the first installment of now twenty-four games in total, was released by Capcom. It is still one of the greatest games in the series. That is not to mention that RE7 is the first full-length game to use Capcom’s very own RE Engine.

Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019

Resident Evil 7 may be the best production of a survival horror game that has ever. Although its release was in 2017, it is still one of the top 5 shooter games in 2019. In Resident Evil 5 and 6, there was more of an action-based theme. However, the horror survival roots have returned with this game.

Exploration is one of the most significant pillars of the game, closely followed by puzzle-solving and killing enemies. RE7 is also the first of the series to be categorized as an FPS in its own right. This divergence from the norm of the series is what gets it into the top 5.

Top 5 Shooter Games Of 2019 – Conclusion

The conclusion would usually end up with us, telling you what the best game out of the selection is. However, this has not been the aim of this article. We have featured five of the best first-person shooters, but all for different reasons. If I had to pick one game to say was my favorite, it would probably be Killing Floor 2.  The idea is purely personal, but I love the gore. There are not many games that provide the same level of intensity when you are looking for a gorey, third-person shooter.

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