My Summer Car free Download

My Summer Car download

My Summer Car is an unusual independent game combining elements of survival and DIY enthusiast. The production, issued for PCs with Windows, is a work of just one person using the nick Amistech. If you like unusual games, get My Summer Car free Download and take part in a remarkably original fun.

My Summer Car free Download – Full Version PC

My Summer Car download

Storyline in My Summer Car

The story showed in My Summer Car takes place in the last decade of the 20th century, during a beautiful Finnish summer. Player becomes a devout motorization fan who wants to modernize his old sports car. My Summer Car is a simulator, which despite its unequivocal light, humorous character, puts emphasis on the game’s realism. The open world of the game allows player to decide about his actions and nothing is forced upon him. The only noticeable advance indicator is the manner in which the car undergoes changes. In order to take part in the unusual fun, get My Summer Car Download and effectively modernize your vehicle.

The gameplay in My Summer Car

Plot of My Summer Car is set in Finnish wilderness, which in the beginning makes it hard to find anything apart from the house and car. Yet the character has his van to travel in before the car is ready to drive. So beside tinkering in his car, he can also make a trip to the forest, for instance. During the trips, though, it’s advisable to restrain from bravado, because it can end in a deadly accident. Death means that we have to start the game anew, and it makes it relatively difficult. The van enables to transport the buys necessary to survive subsequent days, such as food and drink. Various tuning parts from a catalog can be order by mail, but it requires money. Therefore the player has to perform uncomplicated tasks for the local citizens.

Mechanics in My Summer Car

The level of detail in modernizing the vehicle in My Summer Car is very high. Player has to use particular tools to unscrew particular parts, which in turn require employing unique accessories. It doesn’t apply only to the propelling unit, but also to other elements such as dashboard, wheels, suspension, or even radio and the speakers. The game reproduces reality in a pretty realistic manner, down to the possibility to show a finger to the characters met en-route. Main hero can also drink alcohol, and even sit at the wheel drunk. If you like humorous simulators, get My Summer Car free Download and make use of the main character’s liberty. The production offers a rather simple, but clear and nice to look at graphics. The gameplay is showed from the first person perspective. Realistic physical engine is the title’s advantage, its value is perceptible especially while driving a car.

My Summer Car Download Full Game

My Summer Car free download

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