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Do you want to feel the terror and goose bumps on your body? Feel the horror atmosphere of survival genre? If one of those things are true, then you should not wait any longer and get The Forest Download, the game observed from the first person perspective thanks to which we will feel the thrill on our body. The game available on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows premiered on May 30, 2014.

The Forest Free Download Full Version PC

The Forest download

The production team is responsible for the Endnight Games team who has achieved great success. Each player becomes the protagonist – a man who was the only survivor from the crash of passenger plane. The unfortunate man finds himself on an island, which at the first glance is not inhabited, not by the men at least. However… it is under the control of the tribe of mutants – cannibals. The Forest FPP, caves, mist, and the run from certain death that can wait for us behind every tree or in a dark, mysterious cave. The player has to demonstrate his survival skills – create a shelter, look for food and acquire it, and additionally set traps on his enemies. We need to stay alive at all cost, so whether we fight fiercely or avoid them – that’s up to us. There is no calm day or night because the mutants can appear in any moment, attack us no matter what time or weather there is. Weather, on the other hand… it changes all the time and it’s safe to say it’s unpredictable, just like in real life. Vegetation grows and fades in a daily cycle, what is a very attractive addition for every player. The whole island has been designed with the use of incredibly vast system thanks to which it is possible to explore new caves or even… tunnels that combine into one. Thanks to crafting system introduced in The Forest Free Download, we can also construct weapon as well as set huge, sometimes primitive and sometimes very advanced traps. We will also have to hunt animals in order to fulfil one of many goals set by the producers – to not starve.

It’s worth to know that the clan of mutants is not a group of animals. The members do not act like them. They got their own faith, traditions, they interact with other members of the clan. They preserve their ancient rituals that are passed in generations. As various graphics and ads present, the slogan is “Alfa Male vs. cannibals”. It is quite positive connotation, isn’t it? As for the game, the first impression is very nice and the visuals are pretty alright. If someone wants to change things, like for example turning off blur options, they can do that in settings. However, visuals make confrontation with cannibals even more interesting.

The graphics itself is a very realistic and well-polished by the designers with the thought of the smallest details thanks to which survival adventures are even more similar to the real life, and for some players the border between fiction and reality completely disappears. In the end, maybe there is a real island, not discovered by anyone, and The Forest Free Download described the real events? We will probably never find out, but if in case someone finds himself in a similar place, then thanks to this game they will know how to handle mutated cannibals, who are just waiting for another tasty snack.

The Forest Download Game PC

The Forest free download

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