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Blacksad: Under the Skin is the mystery adventure PC game developed by YS Interactive and Pendulo Studios. The game designed with inspiration from a Spanish Comic album, Blacksad. The game is scheduled to hit multiple platform including Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

The comic follows the fictional investigations of the private eye detective. It was plotted somewhere in 1950s New York City. Each volume of the comic deals with diverse political and ethical theme of time period.

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Blacksad: Under the Skin free game

Since the Blacksad: Under the Skin PC Game is designed in inspiration from the comic album, it features anthropomorphic animals. These are the prime characters in the game and it uses commonly linked traits of animals. This is done in sake of creating surface level context to each person.

Arctic foxes are typically calculating cold hearted white supremacists, while the reptiles, raccoons and amphibians are the petty criminals. You as a gamer play as a dark haired cat call titular John Blacksad. He is the main character in the game who is struggling to make a living as private detective.

John Blacksad is cunning, sassy and usuall keeps to himself. He has a incredible sense of humours, sights and smell. These skills help him to make right conversations which other cannot.


The storyline of Free Blacksad: Under the Skin game revolves around the dark corruption scandal, right on heart of New York City. The story takes you to underworld for charismatic detective John Blacksad, the prime character in the game.

The story takes place in 50’s in New York when the owner of boxing club Joe Dunn was found dead. Besides, the rising star Bobby Yale who was about to take his important fight of his career also go missing.

After the death of Joe, his daughter Sonia Dunn takes over the gym. She needs to deal with all financial woes. So, to solve the mystery she hires the private detective John Blacksad. He will investigate the disappearance of Yale and solve the murder mystery of her father.

This sinister case would take the gamer to the darkest and most dismal depths of the city. With the anthropomorphic characters and incredible 50s feel, Blacksad: Under the Skin promises for eerily dark adventure of detective novel. Being the game you are required to investigate the town in your own way.

You can make use of your own felines senses to find clues and hunt for more details. You are required to make decisions on behalf of the prime character in the game. Also influence the outcome of the mystery. You will explore new avenues and connected hubs in NYC to interview suspects and witnesses. As per the preview demo, the game doesn’t hold your hand in most of the story.

So, you are forced to combine the pieces together and to find new clues and solve the mystery quickly. Investigating, searching for clues, fighting and finding witness and interviewing suspects are some of the role that gamer need to do on behalf of John Blacksad.


Download Blacksad: Under the Skin to enjoy gameplay that revolves around a murder mystery. The game play of the game is about solving a murder mystery and finding the rising boxing star Yale. The dark cat John Blacksad plays the role of private detective. You on behalf of the detective will lead the investigation.

It is the compelling and simple noir mysteries set in world of humanoid animals and few eye-brow raising female character designs. The game play is impressively faithful and the game uses the same cinematic presentation.

You play as John the private detective in the game in the strange animal dominated version. As you proceed, you will attempt to solve the mystery of why the boxing club owner has been murdered. In the investigation you also need to solve and find the missing boxer Yale. Similar game to download The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan.

The game starts with the rhino entering the office of John spoiling for scrap. The detective has some photos of rhino cheating his wife and he is not happy of it. He fight with the detective and at last the fight ends as he choose to solve the scuffle.

Outside the choices in conversations, the game offers you with more like conventional adventure game. You find small environs where you need to search for clues and advance in the story. Combine the collected clues in menu screen and put the brain of detective at work.

There will be many clues in the way and you need to select the right ones to proceed and succeed in the game. The pace of the game may seem languid, but it would surely attract your interest and hone your skills in mystery solving. So, download once it is released to enjoy it on your PC.

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