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We Happy Few is a peculiar action adventure game. The production is the work of indie developers from the British studio Compulsion Games. The team also released the game Contrast which maintained a similar style. If you like original adventure games, type in the Steam search engine and then download We Happy Few reloaded and get involved in another fantastic story.

We Happy Few Download full version

We Happy Few steam

Story in We Happy Few

We Happy Few is set in England in the 60s, or rather it presents an alternative version of this period, maintained in a retrofuturistic convention. The player ends up in a fictional town of Wellington Wells where almost every resident is always happy. However, this is a result of a drug that causes hallucinations. Residents of the town are also muddled by the work of the local equivalent of Big Brother, a man named Uncle Jack. Visit the bizarre town and enter We Happy Few Download in the Steam search engine to restore the old order in Wellington Wells. The main character is one of the inhabitants who kept their integrity as they rebel against the discombobulating system. Together with other deviants, you need to fight for survival in this dystopian world, whose authorities eliminate any signs of opposition and otherness. Play as a rebellious protagonist, search for a link on Steam for We Happy Few free Download and face against Uncle Jack.

Game mechanics in We Happy Few

The main task of the player character is to carefully observe their surroundings. To achieve your goal, you need to understand the rules of the system functioning in the town. You monitor the action in We Happy Few from a first-person perspective, exploring the streets of Wellington Wells, collecting and using various items. Some of the collected items can be used to break into buildings, while others are helpful when bandaging wounds. You can also use them as weapons to fight enemies. But remember to always be careful. Survive in a complicated local society and download We Happy Few skidrow to get used to the rules.

Gameplay in We Happy Few

Unnatural behaviour and any suspicious activity can be very dangerous. There are numerous traps awaiting the player, in the form of poison and gas bombs, loud alarms, and many more. It is also dangerous to use items incorrectly, e.g. the protagonist can accidentally overdose the happiness drug by eating too much food stuffed with it. The environment of the game is procedurally generated, which makes the town look different every time you start a new game. Although the reality presented in We Happy Few is appropriately exaggerated, the production draws inspiration from the works of serious writers such as Huxley and Orwell. The art style of the game is very similar to other productions of the studio and even the Bioshock series.

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We Happy Few steam

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