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Tyranny PC Download is an RPG production made with the thought of personal computers, which takes us to the fantasy world, where the evil forces has won. In the campaign the player will take the role of the officer of the dark lord, who has to force peace after the won war. During these events, the player commands the team of characters, and the fight takes place in real time with active pause.

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Tyranny free download

Tyranny is the game published for personal computers with Windows operating systems. The role-playing game had its premiere in the November 10th 2016 and it was designed by quite popular studio Obsidian, guys who know some things about this genre, since they produced titles like Pillars of Eternity, Neverwinter Nights 2, or Fallout: New Vegas.

The action of the game is set in dark, authorship fantasy world long after the dark creature called Kyros has won over the forces of mortals, eliminated their heroes, and started to control the whole world, introducing titular Tyranny all over the place. The main “protagonist” is a person that benefited from this course of action. We will become the officer in the Kyros’ army, who is the judge and the executioner for the people. Our job is to make sure the will of the tyrant is fulfilled. However, it doesn’t mean we have to become the psychopaths, who likes to murder innocent people. This option, even though available, is only a good solution for making people loyal to Kyros. Thanks to that he can introduce his ruthless, yet fair rules. What’s more, the high position of our character in social ladder makes the smallest decisions influential on the whole world. They shape the future of the whole planet and its inhabitants.

Finishing Tyranny download takes less time than it was in previous titles made by Obsidian group. However, this time they put the emphasis on finishing the game multiple times. While playing, we make a lot of very important choices that will change the course of events. We can for example ally ourselves with one of the sides in order to use it to fulfil our own purposes.

In Tyranny download released on Windows platform, the whole fun starts from creating the figure. We decide not only about our traits, but we also influence the war in which the forces of human beings were destroyed. The choices will have crucial impact on the land that will change during the campaign. For example, post-war destructions or the balance of forces between organizations we will meet during the gameplay – these are some of the things we influence. In the game the main role is to get to know the world, fulfilling tasks and battling fiercely. There are eighty locations prepared for us. A lot of them resembles the post-apocalyptic images, and their appearance may change with the choices of the character. The battles take place in real time with the option of active pause. During our adventures there will be six comrades that will join our cause. Knowing them will have its impact not only on the fantasy land in which we are set but also on the results of battles – because of their unique skills. As befits for RPG game, Tyranny download also offers character development system. It is very similar to the one we can see in The Elder Scrolls series. The skills are improved by using them. Acquired experience points can be used to level on higher levels, what improves the basic statistics of our hero.

Minimal requirements for this game are Intel Core 2 Quad Q9505 2.80 GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 840 3.10 GHz, 6 GB of RAM, a graphics card 1 GB GeForce 450 GTX / Radeon HD 5770 or better, 15 GB of free space on your HDD, Windows 7 64-bit Windows or newer. As you can see, they are not very high, so download Tyranny today and bring peace in this fantastic land.

Tyranny Free Download Full Version

Tyranny download

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