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The new production of Ivory Tower studio and publisher Ubisoft called The Crew was made with the intention of becoming more successful racing game than the previous creation of the studio. We’re talking here about Test Drive Unlimited of course. The Crew Download moves us on the territory of the United States, where we will have the opportunity to participate in countless races. Authors woke the imagination of the players before the premiere with loud announcements. Is The Crew new determinant among virtual racing? The reviewed game is available on such platforms: PC, X360, PS4, XONE. Release date: December 2, 2014. Official site:

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Secret agent who wins the races

Unfortunately, the storyline in The Crew isn’t the strongest point of the game. We personate the character named Alex Taylor. Our hero is accused of murdering his brother, and the federal agent rescues him from long-term imprisonment. She needs our support in dismantling the car gang, so we are going to compete with the best members of the organisation. As you can see, the story presented in the game is banal and might as well there could be none. However, it isn’t the most important element in these types of multiplayer games. Generally, it’s difficult to find gripping storyline in any racing game.

What kind of gameplay is waiting for us in The Crew review?

Except regular races, where we have to be first at the finish line, we are going to encounter other full game pc modes. Some tasks will require running from the AI opponent or prosecuting him. Except that, we can encounter missions where we are going to fit in a specific period of time on a given section. Another attraction in the game are mini0games scatted around the map of the world. They test our arcade skills like for example slalom riding or long jumps. In terms of gameplay, The Crew PS4, Microsoft Windows, XOne, X360 doesn’t introduce any innovations in this game category; however, each mission is well-polished. So, in any aspect game stands out from competing titles on the market?

RPG Racing

Exactly. The game combines online gameplay, some RPG aspects as well as sandbox element. In short, in this production we are going to meet with gaining experience points, so there is also level advancement. How does it work in practise? The higher level we have, the faster and more manoeuvrable car we got. It looks just like in Need for Speed series except that back there we had to earn money to buy new parts for the car. In The Crew Download, we hit level and… choose the parts for our car. So, it is the same model of the game in the form of RPG.

How the gameplay looks like?

Controlling the vehicle is not very intuitive. Test Drive Unlimited was made much better in this respect. To be honest, it is the main element that can hold us with the racing games or reject us, so it’s pity that the authors didn’t focus more on this aspect. The Artificial Intelligence of our opponents leaves a lot to be desired as well. However, the thing that deserves the recognition is huge world map, which for the reason of good graphics, CRYENGINE pleases us during exploration. Another advantage is online mode combined with the single player. By performing missions, we can find other players on the map with who we can interact and compete. The price of the game on steam is: 7.49 USD. Recommended hardware requirements are Intel® Core ™ i5 processor, RAM 8 GB, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 graphics card (1 GB) or better, 18 GB HDD and Winndows 7/8 / 8.1 (64-bit).

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