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In 2002, the game called Syberia appeared on the market – an adventure title about young lawyer Kate Walker. The developers of the game prepared the continuation in 2004, and it turned out to be as good production as the original one. The first part was even called the best adventure game in 2002 by magazines that deal with computer games. Two first editions achieved huge success on the computer games market, and gained a lot of fans among players. The fans of the adventure games could only rub their hands while thinking about the time spent at the computer with these titles. The thought about session with solid adventure game makes your mouth water already. Syberia III available on PC, XONE, PS4, Switch in which the screenwriter is Benoît Sokal was released on 20 April 2017. Price o nsteam: 29,99 USD.

Syberia 3 Download PC Game

Syberia III Download

Despite that, the developers of the game were able to produce the third part just now as a result of various events. The game found its place on the shelves twelve years after its predecessor occurred. Apparently, expectation increases excitation. In that case, the gameplay with Syberia 3 should evoke in us a lot of excitement and happiness because the authors made a very good job. If you want to check if it was worth waiting all these years on the continuation of one of the best adventure games, get Syberia 3 Download. Syberia III has point-and-click type of interface and is maintained in steampunk convention, just like the two first editions.

Benoit Sokal in action review

Syberia 3 (TPP), just like other parts, was designed by Microids development studio as well as Belgian cartoonist Benoit Sokal. Sokal is the authors of comic books and graphics for computer games, and is associated with Microids Company for which he made graphics for Amerzone game too. His the most popular series of comics is Canardo. Sokal founded his own company called White Birds Productions, which created game called Paradise released by Ubisoft. As for soundtrack, once again American composer Inon Zur appears, so the fans of the series have nothing to be afraid of.

The storyline

A story told in Syberia 3 continues the storyline from previous editions. We still control the young lawyer Kate Walker and get to know further adventures of hers and her comrades. We can meet brand new characters among the figures, like for example FBI agent Victoria McPherson (protagonist from Still Life series), who investigates international smuggling of work of arts. The main hero will experience yet another adventure on the cold syberia and this time she will face the natives, various myths, and villains. IF you care about getting to know Kate Walker’s story and her comrades, get Syberia 3 Download.

Full three-dimensional and multiplatform compatibility news

It is worth noting that for the first time in the history of the series authors have decided to set the game in three-dimensional visual environment. Before that, the showcase of the series was static, hand-drawn backgrounds. In spite of changes in visual setting, authors made sure that Syberia kept the climate of its predecessors and coherence with the universe of Syberia. See the third instalment of the cycle with brand new graphics right now thanks to Syberia III Download. Check another great adventure game The Wolf Among Us for free.

Game is multiplatform position. It can be played not only by PC users but also owners of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. What is more, it can be played without any problems with the use of gamepad thanks to several changes in the interface, like for example circular system of selecting dialogue options. For the production of this game we use a very good Unity engine that collects positive reviews around the world. Syberia 3 system requirements recommend: Intel® Core ™ i5, 45 GB HDD, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB graphics card, GeForce GTX 960 or better, Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit).

Syberia III / Syberia 3 PC Download Full Version

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