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Sonic Forces (TPP) on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is a three-dimensional platform game, which is yet another part of one of the most famous series produced by SEGA Company, which is Sonic: the Hedgehog. The protagonist of the production is once again titular blue hedgehog, and the studio responsible for creating the arcade game is once again Sonic Team. The team has also produced well-received Sonic Generations or Sonic Colors. The premiere of the creator Morio Kishimoto was scheduled for November 7, 2017. Learn new adventures of the cult hero and click Sonic Forces link in steam service just to enjoy perfectly created visual settings and audio. Interesting is the fact that the Metacritic (games portal) reviewers are disappointed with such aspects as: broken wall-jump, levels are short.

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Storyline in Sonic Forces review

The story presented in the game Sonic Forces PC, PS4, XONE and Switch tells us a story of gigantic invasion of powerful robots created by mad scientist, Doctor Robotnik. The titular hero, incredibly fast blue hedgehog, becomes the most important member formed to fight the enemy of the resistance. The main goal of the Sonic is to effectively thwart Robotnik’s plans. Get rid of powerful tyrant together with main hero and click Sonic Forces Download in steam service, and then gather the key to roam fascinating, colourful game world.

Mechanics of Sonic Forces news

The newest edition of the cycle about blue hedgehog isn’t any different in terms of mechanics from previous parts. However, it is a noticeable expansion of the best ideas designed while working on previous instalments. The action of the game can be observed from our hero’s back and once again it involves running through the map filled with numerous monsters and dangerous traps. To face them, enter in your google browser Sonic Forces Download phrase and show your agility. The goal of the entertainment is to gather as many golden rings as it is possible. The latest instalment of the cycle keeps the most recognizable and the most characteristic aspect of the brand, which is huge speed. Sonic once again moves incredibly fast, and thanks to carefully placed boosters, we can achieve tremendous speed. If you wish to feel the incredible power of the main hero, search the steam and participate in incredibly fast clashes. On android and iOS you have to look for this game called Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

The game mechanics was enriched with the possibility to recall other personifications of the main hero, as well as the use of them in various versions of Sonic at the same time. Thanks to that the player can stand against many challenges that exceed the possibilities of one blue hedgehog.

Visual settings in Sonic Forces 3D platformers

Similarly to other editions of the cycle, the newest part of Sonic’s adventures once again draws our attention to colourful graphics. It will appeal to the taste of not only the youngest players. Varied locations make sure we avoid monotony. As a result, each level brings completely new experiences. Get to know the colourful world of the game, search steam for Sonic Forces Download to relive incredible adventure.

We should also note very advanced graphic effects, which let us admire incredibly fluent animation even while achieving enormous speed with our main character. The intensity of the experience makes it very difficult to get to know what’s really happening on the screen. Get to know new stories of blue hedgehog by clicking Sonic Forces Download links and reach his maximum speed. An interesting fact is that producers are considering to give the date of the next part of the reviewed game soon. Sonic Forces system requirements recommend: Intel® Core™ i5-3550 (3.3GHz), system memory 8 GB RAM, 18 GB HDD space, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960 (2 GB), DirectX 11 compatible graphics card, Windows 7 (64-bit). Price on steam: 39,99 USD.

Sonic Forces free Download on PC

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