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Get full version Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun available on PC, Xbox ONE, PS4, and you will know how seventeenth century Japan looks like. The game will move us to the early age of so-called Edo Age, and to be more exact it is 1615. This is the time, when new Shogun wants to bring order in his country, however it requires to eliminate the competition quietly, the competition that is dreaming about the rebellion. In order to do that, we have to collaborate with five specialists from espionage, revolution, assassinations, and sabotage. These will bee Ninja Hayato, Samurai Mugen, Geisha Aiko, Yuki, and Takuma. That’s a description in a nutshell but in order to say something more about the storyline and gameplay, we will move on to more specific subjects. But for now, let’s focus on hardware requirements. The publisher of the reviewed game is Daedalic Entertainment. Game genre: real-time tactics.

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun Download PC Cracked

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The game PS4, XOne, PC was produced by Mimimi Productions, and it was released in European countries under many different companies. The official premiere date was in December 6th 2016 on personal computers with Windows operating system. Minimum requirements of Shadow Tactics Blades of Shogun Download are the following: Intel Core in i3 version with 2,5 GHz or AMD Quad Core 2,5 GHz. Memory is needed on the level of 4 GB RAM. When it comes to graphics, 1 GB GeForce 640 GT or Radeon HD 7750.  Additionally, the game requires 13 GB free space on your hard drive as well as minimum Windows 7 or newer.

Recommended requirements are a bit higher. They differ from minimal ones in terms of processor, because it is recommended to have 3,5-3,9 GHz clock speed. With graphics card, you need to have 2 GB installed memory, 6 GB RAM memory. Space on your hard drive and operating system stays the same.

As we already mentioned, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun free download takes us to the Medieval Japan, where new Shogun decides to work with five specials in areas that will be very useful in his plan to bring order to his homeland and prevent the rebellion from the opponents’ side. Ninja Hayato and Samurai Mugen are specialized in open conflicts. Geisha Aiko is the master in distraction as well as camouflage. Yuki is a hunter, who can place traps perfectly, and Takuma takes the role of the sniper.

The maps were designed in the way you can finish them all on variety of ways. However, you have to remember that the success requires close cooperation of each member of your team. Thanks to that it will be possible to use unique skills of all five advisors. Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun download is a tactic strategy with stealth elements, because the enemies will often appear in groups more numerous than us. So, the ability to come closer silently will be very useful. Another useful aspect is the interface of the game, which indicates the range of the opponents’ vision. The whole is observed from the camera placed way above the heads of our characters, to which we are already accustomed if we played other strategic games. However, unusual group of characters and the storyline is something rather rare.

As we can see, there is a lot of entertainment waiting for us. This, connected with thinking, planning, thousands of trials to be victorious as well as remarkable story – the authors did a hell of a good job. Thanks to that winter evenings will pass in a very climatic, interesting way. There is no point in waiting, get Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun on PC today and start rebuilding the medieval Japan. Learn more about its history and personate the “restorer” and stop the “surprise” prepared by the competition! The whole game has been developed on the Unity engine. Price on steam: 39,99 USD.

Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun PC Download Cracked

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