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Realms Beyond for PC is a bit old-school RPG, featuring an open and complex world. In certain ways, it closely resembles fantasy games considered as classics of the genre, such as Baldur’s Gate. This interesting production is created by an unknown indie studio named Ceres Games. The release date of the PC game is scheduled for next year 2019.

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Game mechanics

Like in most classic RPGs, the world is presented via an isometric view. It means that the image is three-dimensional, but to simplified the interface, it was put on a two-dimensional plane. So if you love sandbox games based on such a specific perspective, so prominent among the enthusiasts of the genre, be sure to enter the phrase Realms Beyond free Download on Steam search engine and enjoy the interface, so barely used in new games.

The player’s goal will be to manage quite a large team of six people. When organizing this group, we can choose from several different races, including Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-orcs and Halflings. The game creators also put forth several different classes of characters, among which we can mention warriors, clerics, druids, wizards, barbarians, etc. All of these races, as well as individual character classes, have their own characteristic features. This makes the number of potential multiplications resulting from the specifics of the characters enormous, which further enriches the game.

Like in any classic RPG game, in Realms Beyond we travel through a vast and complex world. Our task is to search a series of locations, gather local artefacts and, of course, fight enemies. Like in other such productions, especially the last of these aspects, looks very promising. So if you like games where you decide how to fight and use weapons, be sure to look for the phrase Realms Beyond Download and see how much your decisions and planning skills affect the gameplay.

Speaking of planning skills, the gameplay system in Realms Beyond is divided into turns. Thanks to this, each next turn can be planned accordingly in terms of combat, as well as additional character skills used for this purpose.

Game modes

Realms Beyond is, unfortunately, a single-player game only. However, if you are a person who loves creative games based on complex editors, where you can create intricate maps yourself, be sure to look for the phrase Realms Beyond Download on Steam. Check out how fleshed out the map editor is and how many detailed locations can be created from it.


Although at first glance, the Realms Beyond interface might seem highly rudimentary, after a good look you can spot that some details are finely tuned in every respect (e.g. the grass swaying in the wind).

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