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First instalment of Prototype was warmly received by the players and reviewers. It wasn’t; however, a ground-breaking game but it had a well-structured gameplay to offer. It made the recipients pleased. Radical Entertainment studio and Eric Holmes is known for its ambitious team, because Prototype 2 is better than the original in almost every aspect. It is a positive news for those we were recalling the first part well. Prototype 2 Download effectively draws player’s attention to the monitor and holds you there for a long time. So, what did the creator do to make the new production so amazing? The review of the game (Activision Blizzard publisher) is available on the following platforms: PC, X360, PS3. Release date: April 24, 2012.

Prototype 2 Download PC

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Better storyline review

The figure whose fate we are going to manage in a game is named James Heller. The second part is set in time fourteen months after the outbreak and the problem, which was theoretically solved in the first part comes back again. The wide and daughter of the main character are infected, what even more motivates him to find even quicker the solution for the problem. In first part we were responsible for Alex Mercer. In his “honour” the virus was called with his name. As we can see on the second instalment, we want to finish off the main hero from the first part and once for all end “The Mercer virus” subject. And in fact we have got the opportunity to confront Alex in the beginning what results in infecting James with the virus and giving him new abilities. The storyline is very interesting, we have to admit it, and it is a very strong element of Prototype 2 (TPP).

We should also note that the game is a typical sandbox product – it’s essential because players signal a growing interest in productions of this type. In Prototype 2 this element is different from other, competing titles, because here we are going to find side quests connected to the main story, which are interesting and engaging. We won’t face simplified mini-games and other “fillers”. It is a huge advantage of this production. Authors showed class and not treated this element of the game secondarily as it usually is the case in sandbox titles. If Radical Entertainment continue this approach in the future, we can count on another good productions by the studio.

First of all, action

Primarily, it is a dynamic action game. The storyline was prepared on a very high level but it goes to the background when we see what happens during the combat. Our character is demolishing all the opponents’ units. Killing a soldier is like child’s play. Even destroying the tank shouldn’t be challenging. Our hero, thanks to the mutation, can run on the walls and exterminate all the units of enemies on a massive scale. The gameplay is really exciting and the satisfaction that flows from demolishing everything what stands on our way is indescribable. The things that happen in Prototype 2 Download cannot be found in any other game and that reason alone should be enough for every player who likes dynamic action to try out the presented position. Best similar action game Resident Evil 7 free download.

The world around us is not as beautiful and colourful as we may seem

The graphics can be counted as a negative of the game. Visual layer isn’t bad but it doesn’t match with other productions of this year. The first part was also deficient in this respect. The graphics is simply good; however, it’s a pity that authors didn’t try more. Prototype 2 will appeal to anyone who likes games characterized by original gameplay and production on the big scale. The game uses a Titanium 2.0 engine so we have a great soundtrack. The time devoted to the game gives a lot of fun and is one of the gest games released in this year. The presented title is definitely worth playing! Prototype 2 system requirements: Quad Core 2.7 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB graphics card (GeForce GTX 460 or better), 10 GB HDD, Windows XP (SP2)/Vista/7.

Prototype 2 Free Download

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