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PixARK free download

PixARK (FPP) is an original exploration production with survival elements, developed for PCs with Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The title is a spin-off of ARK: Survival Evolved, created by Snail Games Studio. The developers are also responsible for Dragon Revolt or Taichi Panda. If you’re a fan of unusual productions, get PixARK game and take on the challenges prepared by the creators. The release date was announced for next year 2019. Price on steam: ‎24,99 USD.

PixARK Download Full Version PC

PixARK game

Mechanics in PixARK review

In PixARK PS4, XONE, Microsoft Windows and SWITCH player has an enormous park that he can explore freely. It’s inhabited by various species of unusual animals, including dinosaurs and dragons. Get into the world of extinct legendary creature, get PixARK Download and start the fun. Due to the openness of the world, the freedom of exploration is immense. But the production is also a survival, which entails that the player’s task is fight for survival. If you’re a fan of such games, get PixARK free Download and try your hand in the spin-off. The presented action game also has RPG elements.

Gameplay in PixARK PC, PS4, XONE, Switch

The title takes many solutions from the original ARK: Survival Evolved. The novelty, though, is a spacious world built up of voxels, similar to that known from Minecraft, for instance. Players have access to an exceptionally plastic sandbox game environment that can be modified at will. It applies both to structure building and object production, and to shaping particular elements of environment. Make use of the liberty offered by voxels, get PixARK Download and create your own world. The encountered animals are not just the entertainment background. We can interact with some species, and even tame some of them.

Gameplay in PixARK is extremely varied, it offers players a good deal of gaming freedom. The player can adjust not only the hero’s appearance, but also precisely determine his occupation. Character can fly a dragon or ride a gigantic T-Rex, shooting enemies from a rocket launcher or cast spells with a magic rod. Choose your favorite variant of play, get PixARK free Download and start free gaming. Production’s advantage is the fact that nearly every player will something for themselves. The production offers both solo and multiplayer’s mode. Invite your mates to the fun, get PixARK PC Download and along with them stand up to the challenges offered by this unusual theme park.

Technicalities in PixARK

PixARK steam is remarkable for the characteristic graphics style, which won’t surely please everybody. In many ways the world presented in the crafting game looks like built from Lego blocks. Admire the sweet squarish setting, get PixARK Download and immerse yourself in the expressive coloring of the environment. Production is an ideal solution for the fans of ARK: Survival Evolved and Minecraft, combining elements known from both these games.

Hardware requirements


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870 or better.
RAM: 4 GB System Memory.
OS: Windows® 7 and up (64-bit).
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2400 @ 3.1 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @ 3.5 GHz or better.
GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 15 GB.
DX: DirectX 11.

PixARK Download Full Game PC

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