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NBA 2K17 is another edition of the popular sports game, in which we take the role of an NBA player. The game was created by Visual Concepts studio also known from the latest part of NBA 2K19. A review of this production is available on platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Android, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and iOS. The publisher of the game is 2K Games which is responsible for such productions as Sid Meier’s Civilization, BioShock The Collection, WWE 2K17 or Evolve. Release date: September 20, 2016.

NBA 2K17 free Download PC

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The storyline of the game review

In NBA 2K17 the main topic is obviously basketball. We personate one of the players in order to increase our qualifications and skills later. Perhaps this is the way we can achieve success comparable to Michael Jordan?

The game was released in two versions. The first version, basic one, is a standard one, where we play matches that are decisive for the position of our team in the league. The second version of the game is branded with the popular in the United States player – Koby Bryant. If you are the fan of basketball, you should definitely download the game on your computer thank to the phrase NBA 2K17 Download. You will see how fast you can become a star!

The game mechanics

Compared to the previous version of the game, authors prepared several novelties, which in their intention will make the game more attractive. There are a few new game modes, one of them gives us the opportunity to create semi-amateur team based on the group of our friends. Another interesting game mode released in the newest instalment is MyPARK. In here, the character controlled by us play matches with our friends on the typical park. One can say it is a type of relaxation from the things we see on the biggest courts while playing consecutive matches. A lot has been changed in career mode as well. The first several dozen of matches are just the part of the story directed by Spike Lee. Thanks to that, NBA 2K17 PS4, XOne, PC Windows introduced an additional storyline, so that the gameplay is much more attractive. The changes have also affected some details. It is true that in terms of control there has been no significant changes (players, who dealt with the previous instalments of the game will surely be content) but the changes affected the commentators’ voices, experts. What is more, there are new animations introduced. NBA 2K17 is a necessity if you want to see a good old – but new game on NBA license.

Graphics in the game

Speaking of animations, it is worth noting that in the renewed version they present incredibly and phenomenally. The characters appearing in NBA 2K17 are more realistic, and their movements combined with modern physics are even more professionally picked.

The sound in the game

In NBA 2K17, a lot changes can be noticed in terms of sound. Up to 50 tracks have been introduced here, including some that already have appeared in previous versions of the game. During the game we have a lot to choose from. NBA 2K17 includes improved sound as well. Now it is even more realistic. If you do not believe, you should necessarily download it to your computer by entering in the search engine NBA 2K17 Download. Launch the game and you will find out how amazing sound effects of the New York Hall can be.


NBA 2K17 is surely a very interesting approach. Compared to previous edition, not many changes can be noticed in the scope of gameplay. Several new game modes isn’t enough to talk about a revolution in the game interface. Despite that, the graphical side of game is presented very well. It is worth to pay the authors a complement, who polished the game when it comes to graphics in every respect. Also not forgotten about the great game engine and an amazing soundtrack. Unfortunately, NBA 2K17 is still a niche game. Does it mean that the games about basketball are lost? Download NBA 2K17 on your computer and you’ll find out if that’s true. Deciding to buy this game is best to play two people in multiplayer mode. Price on steam: 59,99 USD. NBA 2K17 system requirements recommend Intel Core i5-4430 3 GHz or better, 8 GB RAM, graphics card 2 GB GeForce GTX 770 or better, 70 GB HDD, Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 64-bit.

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