Life is Feudal Forest Village Download

Life is Feudal Forest Village game download

Life is Feudal Forest Village is a strategy game released for PC Windows platform. The title was made by Mindillusion studio. The game is based on its predecessor that was released for sale a year earlier, which is Life is Feudal from Bitbox studio. This production is very similar in many aspects to other game, which is Banished, which was an inspiration for the authors of Life is Feudal Forest Village. Similarly to other city-builder type of games, in here the player has the job to manage his village, which is built from the scratch.

Life is Feudal Forest Village Download PC

Life is Feudal Forest Village free download

The thing that distinguishes this game in comparison to other titles is the epoch in which the game was placed. The authors of the game took us to the Medieval Age, where the hero as the main landlord has to deal with problems that were characteristic for this period. If you like strategies, in which the fate and the appearance of given village or city depends from you, then this title is definitely for you. So, use Life is Feudal Forest Village Download and build your village while making the best strategic decisions for its development!

Action of the game starts from choosing the place, where our village will be built. Initially the player has got only a few villagers, who appeared on this unknown island from nowhere, literally. Later on, we will have to face problems that are far more complex than just finding food. We will have to craft more efficient tools, which will save up our time as well as help us in making more advanced buildings. In this way villagers will begin constructing more and more complex constructions, impacting on the development of the village. The mayor has to remember about building roads to facilitate the transport of essential materials. Except for typical strategic elements, the game has been enriched with survival aspects, because the player has got to fight with disasters and plagues that were characteristic for this period of time. The administrator needs to predict some elements and take care of, among other things, clothes for villagers for winter, balanced diet, and cultivation of different plant species.

Thanks to these procedures, one can decrease the disastrous effects of plagues, which were responsible for decimating the entire settlements during the Middle Age. However, there are some things the player cannot influence, we mean here natural disasters like fires, tornadoes, or lightning strikes. The player has to remember that the ecosystem reacts on all the decisions we make immediately. The example can be cutting out all woods in the forest by lumberjack. It will effectively influence all the animals. It’s because once we destroy the place where animals live and feed, they will come to our households and attack our livestock. These problems and events have impact on morale and at the same time they decrease the productivity. If this type of strategy is a treat for you, then this title should be in your own library. Get Life is Feudal Forest Village Download, build your own settlement and take care of your subjects , solve their problems, and your village will develop dynamically.

The action of the game is presented in isometric style. However, we can quickly change the view that we will observe everything from the eyes of our subject, accompanying him during his everyday activities. You should use Life is Feudal Forest Village Download necessarily if you want to manage your builders in an effective way, making your settlement the best!

Life is Feudal Forest Village Free Download Full Version

Life is Feudal Forest Village download

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