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King's Bounty 2 download

The timeless classic, King’s Bounty had taken a lot of time to return to the gaming industry and its successor is no different. Continuing the legacy, the tactical RPG game goes into depths and adds more weight to players’ decisions during battles or interacting with NPCs. Gamers can expect vivid animation, a complex storyline, improved battles, and an immersive fantasy world. Gamers can experience the game by choosing to download King’s Bounty II.

King’s Bounty 2 Download Full Version PC

King's Bounty II free game

What has been the story so far?

1C Company, a game designer, distributor, and publisher based off in Russia announced King’s Bounty II PC game. Jon Van designed the original game, King’s Bounty, and New World Computing published the game in 1990. Katauri Interactive is developing the current game. The game was well-received by gaming enthusiasts. 1C Company revived the game when it bought the property rights to it and launched it under the title King’s Bounty: The Legend. Following its grand success, many sequels were launched.

The first part published by 1C Company is based in the fantasy world of Endoria. The gamer plays a hero who has to serve King Darion. After passing a tutorial, a squadron is assigned to the hero. Then, many quests, side-quests, and missions follow. The main storyline revolves around the hero’s ascend from a warrior to a king and his quest to save his daughter and prevent the world from getting destroyed. Since it is a tactical RPG game, the player does not have to fight directly rather employ strategies in war such as the use of special attacks and assembling an appropriate army to take on the enemy.

What does King’s Bounty II bring to the gamers?

King’s Bounty II free offers a new take on the popular fantasy series. The turn-based tactical game offers more choices to the gamers and each choice makes a significant impact on the story. More than just a game, it offers a cinematic story. The players will have to choose between three main heroes, each with their back-story. The choice of hero is in itself an impacting decision. Depending upon the choice, the story progresses differently.

The game is set in the world of Antara, where a looming danger threatens the existence of the world and its people. Refugees are flocking the Kingdom of Nostria. The food supplies have gone down drastically while the outside world is faced with the dangers of vicious creatures. Gamers will have to make the right decisions to pass quests and missions and eventually, save the world. The players can either choose to explore the world from a third-person perspective or fight combats to proceed with the story. When the game enters its main storyline, it turns into a tactical, turn-based strategy game.  Another great strategy game is Crossroads Inn for download.

How is it different from the prequels?

The game differs in many aspects from the first and subsequent parts. It can be played on PC, Xbox, and PS4:

  • The game emphasizes more on the player’s choices. Instead of adopting the traditional methods of focusing more on dialogues and less on the action, the game gives importance to the different decisions taken by the player. The game is more interactive because of this feature but also makes it difficult as the wrong decisions could reduce the chances of winning.
  • The fantasy world is detailed and occupies a significant position during combats. Players need to be wary of their surroundings as they can be used to gain an advantage over their enemies. They are not flat and are three-dimensional. They offer tactical diversity and each arena carries its unique features.
  • The players have 3 heroes to choose from. The choice of character impacts the story and players’ interactions with the NPCs. Each hero has different strengths and as the game proceeds further, the selected hero aligns itself to the world.
  • The squads assigned to the heroes have different capabilities. They are composed of elves, trolls, and other creatures.
  • The fantasy world can be explored by players. It offers many side-missions and interactions with the village folks. The game also has surprise tactical events during battles that make it interesting.

What should you do during the wait?

Gamers who are unknown to the acclaimed series of King’s Bounty can play the previous installments of the game. 1C Company has published all the games of the series and they can be found online. The introduction of Line of Sight and surprise events mid-battle is bound to bring a richer and better combat experience. Only through playing the previous parts can the gamers understand the difference.

The series has so far been praised by the fans and the critics. It has been well received and the hype for King’s Bounty II is high. The added details to the world, landscapes, increased complexity in the story, free exploration and improved battle experience will leave the gamers demanding more.

King’s Bounty II free Games PC

King's Bounty II download

System Requirements


Processor CPU: Quad Core 2.5 GHz
Graphics GPU: 1280 MB GeForce GTX 470 / 2 GB Radeon HD 6870
Memory RAM: 16 GB RAM
Storage HDD: 20 GB HDD
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

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