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Junkyard Simulator (FPP) for PC is another production in this genre developed by PlayWay. This recognized studio has released, among other things, a popular series of simulation games Car Mechanic Simulator. The production is the work of a recently founded Polish studio Rebelia Games. If you like immersive gameplay, click on Junkyard Simulator reloaded Download and become a fan of simulator games. The release date was scheduled for next year 2019 in March.

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Story in Junkyard Simulator

In Junkyard Simulator, the player has the opportunity to run a small dumping ground. What you need to do is gradually develop your business to later dominate the market and open more prospering locations. To achieve success, the junkyard owner must do a lot of hard work. Become the biggest tycoon on the market and click on Junkyard Simulator Download if you always dreamed of running your own business. During the game, the player will first have to collect large amounts of scrap and prepare it for resale. At the start, you have no cash and no other option but to do the manual work yourself.

Game mechanics in Junkyard Simulator review

The gameplay largely boils down to patrolling the junkyard and picking up unnecessary stuff, which then ends up in the shredder. As the business flourishes, the player earns money to invest in machines that make the labour a bit more bearable. This way, e.g. you can more efficiently load, as well as transport, modify, crumble and pack scrap. Show how efficient you can be when running a business and click on Junkyard Simulator free Download to process scrap on your own.

Gameplay in Junkyard Simulator

While playing, the player makes use of a variety of equipment and machines. Larger loads can be transported with a hoist and a workshop crane, while the heaviest ones are moved using a crane equipped with an expensive electromagnet. Move, transport and crush scrap; Click on Junkyard Simulator free Download and play with available equipment in all other possible ways. Another important game aspect is proper segregation, thanks to which the clients of the junkyard can find the materials they need. The selection has to be made by the player because machines cannot do it.

Technical side of Junkyard Simulator news

Junkyard Simulator PC is in many ways similar to other simulators, such as the Car Mechanic Simulator series. This especially applies to the specific art style of the game. Junkyard Simulator’s graphic design brings to mind the work of Red Dot Games. When playing, the player spends most of their time on a closed junkyard, so no need to expect breathtaking landscapes. Yet dilapidated cars and other destroyed machines have been prepared with great care and attention to detail. Become a fan of simulator games and click on Junkyard Simulator skidrow to try your hand at this genre. Junkyard Simulator system requirements recommend: Intel® Core™ I3 Processor 3.0GHz or better, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660 or better, 4 GB System Memory, 2 GB Video Memory, 20 GB HDD space, DirectX 9.0, Windows® 7 and up (64-bit).

Junkyard Simulator free Download PC reloaded

Junkyard Simulator steam

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