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Journey free download pc

It is an amateur adventure game in which the player undertakes the role of the protagonist in a cooperative story focused by puzzle-solving and exploration. Sony Computer Entertainment publishes it and developed by Thatgamecompany released for the platform Playstation 3 thru Playstation Network in the year 2012.

Journey free Download – Full Version PC

Journey download games


In the Journey, the player portrays the role of the robed figure in a deserted place, after the preliminary pattern, the robed figure that is sitting on the sand will be shown to the player traveling towards a mountain in the distance. You can also discover other players that are on the same journey, and players can meet up and help each other. However, they cannot see each other’s character names, and they cannot communicate in any means or thru text or speech bubbles until after the game’s credits. You can only communicate thru a musical chime, that transforms dismal shards of articles of clothing that you can find throughout the different levels into a bright red that affects the game world and allows the player to evolve through the levels.

Game Development

The Journey was the last game that was made under the three-game contracts which are between the Sony Computer Entertainment and Thatgamecompany, the first two being Flower and Flower.

The game is specifically designed to make the player seem and feel small to give them awareness and a sense of awe about their whole surroundings. Chen designed the idea for the game, and its goal was to make a game that improved beyond the “typical kill/win/defeat kind of mentality” of the most video games. An interesting adventure game is The Sinking City to download.

Journey’s multiplayer component was initially made to observe the full cooperation between thep players. It allows the players to bind a connection with other people through reconnoitering with them rather than engaging in a fight or talking to them.

Journey Download Games PC

Journey free download

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