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In The Valley of Gods free download

If you’re interested in ancient Egypt ambience, and you like exploration games, click In The Valley of Gods full version PC. Enjoy a thrilling gameplay owing to which in a couple of seconds you’ll become a discovered of treasures from the pharaohs’ era. The whole steam game is kept in indie stylistics, which makes it exceptionally climatic and fascinating. The release date of the game in the PC version of the producer and publisher Campo Santo will be available in the next year 2019.

In The Valley of Gods free Download – Full Version PC

In The Valley of Gods steam

You become a heroine, who along with an old girl friend decides to uncover the mysteries of Egyptian deserts and obtain the treasures hidden there. It’s not just fulfilling a pre-planned scenario, but also taking decisions that influence the heroine’s further adventures and course of the road. There may be a few scenarios, depending on single choices on particular stages of gameplay. It’s an exceptionally immersive adventure game, available for PC platforms. What’s important in the game is not the action itself, but also the storyline, largely based on intriguing narrative that takes player into the mysterious world concealed amongst the desert sands.

The extraordinary game’s action is set in the 20s of last century on the desert terrains of Egypt. Player becomes Rashida, a heroin traveler who not long ago had been recognizable all over the world, but for a couple of errors lost popularity. So she embarks on an adventure in the desert sands for one goal: to regain the world’s acknowledgment, and fix old mistakes by new discoveries. She dreams that in Egypt she will uncover something new and exceptional, and she’ll register the whole expedition on film to prove her success. Zora, an old Rashida’s friend, set out with her. She decides to go along, even though the relations between the two women are very tense because of old misunderstandings. If you’re intrigued by the story, get In The Valley of Gods free Download and set with Rashida and Zora for fame and popularity. In the Egyptian sand there are many mysteries to discover.

If you know Firewatch, you should also find interesting this game, for it develops some ideas of the above mentioned production. In The Valley of Gods (FPP) is an enormously thrilling first-person adventure game, with player watching action from the main heroine’s perspective. During play we discover consecutive parts of the storyline, and learn the terrain by searching for long-lost ancient treasures. In comparison with other first-person adventure games, this one is more interactive. It has an impact on the player’s ability to make decisions, which in turn influence the later course of storyline. The game is available only in single player mode, but the scenarios created by developers are extremely interesting and immersive. If you want to set out to the world of secrets and traverse Egypt, get In The Valley of Gods free Download and start an unusual, unforgettable adventure. The game is very interesting by its storyline and the hidden treasures, as well as the three-dimensional graphics which make it simply pleasant. In The Valley of Gods system requirements recommend: Intel® Core™ i3-550 @ 3.2GHz or better, 6 GB system memory, 1 GB video memory, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 Ti, 4 GB HDD space, Windows 7 (63-bit) and up.

In The Valley of Gods Download Game PC

In The Valley of Gods free download

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