Green Hell free Download

Green Hell free download

Green Hell is a survival game released for PCs with Windows. The production was created by independent developers from Creepy Jar Studio, who were responsible for such projects as Dead Island cycle or Dying Light. If you are a fan of engaging survival games, get the Green Hell free Download and stand up against another demanding challenge.

Green Hell free Download Full Version PC

Green Hell download

Storyline in Green Hell

The story in Green Hell takes place in Amazonian jungle. Player becomes the title character who, left out in the wilderness, has to fight for survival. In order to escape from his trouble unscathed, he must learn the essentials of living in nature in unfriendly surrounding. Get the matter in your own hands, get Green Hell Download and learn the art of survival. At first player has only a simple radio through which his girlfriend stays in touch with the hero.

Mechanics in Green Hell PC

Player watches the story from the first-person perspective. The main hero’s basic goal is to obtain water and food, for without them he won’t last too long. With time he gains the ability to strike fire necessary for preparing food, as well as catching fish and hunting the local animal species. He also has to gather various raw materials for weapons, traps and other objects. The harvested materials are also used for building shelters. In order to obtain the necessary resources, get Green Hell free Download and increase your chances of survival. The hero is also able to cultivate soil.

Gameplay in Green Hell CODEX

Even hugely experienced survivalists wouldn’t be able to survive alone in the Amazon jungle unharmed. Therefore the main hero in Green Hell sustains various injuries, for instance after unexpected confrontations with predators. The controlled character may also fall victim to parasites or diverse viruses. Such situations leave their mark not only on physical health of the solitary hero, but also on his psyche. In some cases the character can even be driven mad. Take care of your character, get the Green Hell free Download and look after his general psychophysical condition. It’s worth to use the option of body inspection that allows to control the body state. In this way the player can cope with the diagnosed problems.

Technicalities in Green Hell

The creators of Green Hell prepared an extensive simulation of an Amazonian jungle. The complex system takes into account animals’ activity in different weather conditions and time of day, as well as the changes in environment taking place in consequence of the character’s actions. In order to admire the careful reproduction of the Amazonian jungle reality, get Green Hell PC Download and enter the unfriendly wilderness. High quality visuals is another advantage of the production.

Green Hell Download Game PC

Green Hell free download

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