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Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto 3 (TPP) available on PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Android, PS4, iOS is a sandbox game that deserves to be called legendary. Each die-hard fan of virtual entertainment perfectly knows this flagship title of the series of TPS games released by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North. A lot of elements in aforementioned production ensured the success and crowds of loyal fans, which can be found all over the world. A question arises for those who are not insiders: why GTA 3 Download earned so much players’ love and quite a large group of angry critics? Release date: October 22, 2001. Price on steam: 9,99 USD.

Grand Theft Auto III Download on PC

GTA 3 Download

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The magic of 3D review

GTA 3 offers the players a gaming experience in 3D graphics. Evne though the game was created in 2001, there were many games in these years that were graphically equal with the production of Rockstar Games. So, why this element is so important in Grand Theft Auto III? Because it is one of the first productions that let gave the players huge city to explore. We could enjoy the open space without any limitations, what was quite a big step forward in virtual productions at that time. Beautiful graphics, popular RenderWare engine, city full of life, complete freedom in roaming (well, almost complete because the part of the map is locked and you can unlock it with the progressing in the storyline). There are also details such as day and night cycle, people walking on the streets, cars gracefully moving according to the road rules. All these things are interactive and at our disposal.

What can we do and what we can’t?

Well, we can do everything. And that’s probably the reason so many negative emotions that were targeted to Grand Theft Auto III Download. We had an opportunity to observe a huge media storm that concerned the production of Rockstar Games studio. We can shoot to people, grab the drivers from their own cars and happily run with a new “prize” into the sunset. Authors prepared for us weapons such as baseball bat, pistol, rifle, or simply our own fists. We can unleash a war by attacking gangs on their own territory or attack driving by police car. The storyline offered by the game spins around the mob way of life. We will have to work for the mob, give a lift to prostitutes or murder on one’s order. Despite that, it’s not extreme for the players’ environment. Shooting to the virtual characters, fights and things like that accompany the virtual productions from the very beginning of the game industry. Realistic graphics and the popularity among fans seem to be the reason why Grand Theft Auto 3 was so infamous at the beginning. Game was going to be a hit even before the release but thanks to the media hype the sales were even higher for the flagship title of Rockstar Games. An interesting fact is that the reviewed game received the Golden Joystick Award for the Ultimate Game of the Year.

Small details

Game is polished in every way. Sound system in GTA 3 equals the beautiful graphics prepared by the creators. While roaming on the map, we can listen to few radio stations thanks to which great music is accompanying us throughout the whole game. Characters that appear in the storyline are perfectly shaped by the developers. They are unique and characterized by humour you will find only in GTA series. Despite the years, production is still playable and absorbing for hours. Each player should familiarize with this legendary title.

What disadvantages does GTA 3 hide from us?

Game is almost free of defects. It’s hard to find even one serious issue you can show to the developers. This is one of the best titles, which certainly deserves recognition, as thousands of fans around the world can confirm.

GTA 3 Download – Full Version

Grand Theft Auto III Download

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Hardware requirements


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® 2 MX or better.
RAM: 128 MB System Memory.
OS: Windows® XP/7 and up (32/64-bit).
CPU: Pentium III @ 1200Mhz or better.
GPU RAM: 32 MB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 500 MB.
DX: DirectX 8.

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