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Football Manager 2017 free download

FM 2017 available on Microsoft Windows, yet another instalment of popular cycle that belongs to the genre of traditional managers of sports games. The foundations of the series stayed the same for years and they are related to the management of football club. Each and every aspect of this project matters – starting from well-planned budget, and ending on well-thought purchasing players and selling others. However, above other things the game published by Sega and released by Sports Interactive gives the player the chance to control their beloved teams and derive joy from managing it. The release date was November 4, 2016. Official website:

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Gameplay mechanics in FM 2017 review

The newest edition of Football Manager is based on the same fundaments as its predecessors. The way we achieve goals is also very similar as the appearance of the interface and basic mechanics. Once again the player has to manage football club, who needs to succeed in its discipline as well as find attractive finance solutions. If you feel like the real sports activist, Football Manager 2017 Download is here waiting for you to start your adventure with conducting the best strategy when it comes to your club. The player has got to meet requirements considering the team, which will also have their impact on the event system implemented in the game.

Game mechanics lets us to purchase new players, who may fulfil positions in our squad. It’s necessary to set training sessions. Their regularity and effectiveness is dependent on the coach employed by the player. If you want to see the real, three-dimensional simulations of matches played by our team. Now, Football Manager 2017 download and enjoy as it would be the real sport match.

During the game the player has got the chance to acquire sponsors that may sponsor various initiatives of the club. We also have to remember about the proper contact with media as well as skilfully sell players to other teams. The game also gives you the chance to manage your own stadium.

The novelties in Football Manager 2017 news

Studio Sports Interactive made sure their edition of football manager will bring a lot of new attractions and facilitations. The gameplay in Football Manager 2017 is very improved, and at players’ disposal there is an updated data base of clubs and players. A lot of novelties can be also observed in the watch match mode, where we can see new camera angle shots with the best moments, and of course interesting shots after scoring a goal. Attention could be also drawn to the presence of more than 1500 new animations of faces. The highest quality is guaranteed thanks to motion capture technique. Big changes took place in the engine system because we received an improved version of 3D.

If you want to feel incredible atmosphere of the real match, then get Football Manager 2017 Download and see how team captains shake their hands, how the players carry on with the warm-ups, and how all of that adds the realism in the game and deepens excellent impression. Artificial intelligence of the players has been improved as well. Now while making a decision they got almost twice as various decisions per second than it was in case of Football Manager 2016. After match analysis has been enriched as well. Now it is more thorough, and is based on a careful examination of all post-match aspects. It gives the impression of a very reliable system. Finally, it is worth summarizing that the game uses much better technical solutions than in the previous part of Football Manager 2015. The cost of the game on the release day: 49.99 USD. Football Manager 2017 system requirements recommend: Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 3 GB HDD, graphic card 256 MB, GeForce 8600M GT or better, Windows7 + (64 or 32 bit).

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