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Firefighting Simulator free download

Firefighting Simulator PC is a simulator based on firefighting theme. The production is a work of Astragon Entertainment, responsible also for truck driver simulator, the game Bus Simulator 18. If you’ve always wanted to become a firefighter, get Firefighting Simulator Download and take part in demanding rescue operations. The release date of the game produced by Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware is planned for next year 2019.

Firefighting Simulator free Download Full Version

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Mechanics in Firefighting Simulator review

Player becomes a guard whose task is first of all to dispose of effects of fires and other disasters. The protagonist takes part in rescue operations along with the whole firefighting team. Players can use various areas of great American cities. React to every call, get the Firefighting Simulator Download and prove your rescuing abilities. During the play we have to fight fire in detached houses, residences, industrial plants and public buildings. Feel the vocation to fight fires, get Firefighting Simulator free Download and have a try in the firefighting profession. The gameplay was divided in a series of missions, and each one is set in a different environment. In the course of advancement, the difficulty level of particular firefighting actions gradually goes up.

Gameplay in Firefighting Simulator PC

Action in Firefighting Simulator is showed from the first person perspective. Additional difficulty of the fun is a special filter imposed on the picture, imitating the view through the firemen goggles. Become a true hero, get Firefighting Simulator free Download and extinguish every demanding fire. The production was made in co-operation with the leader of firefighting equipment, Rosenbauer Group Company. Due to the co-operation players can use licensed gear in the game, and also get to the rescue site by means of professional Rosenbauer TP3 Pumper. Lear what the firefighter’s life is like and get Firefighting Simulator crack Download in order to travel in a real service vehicle.

Technicalities in Firefighting Simulator

In terms of visuals, Firefighting Simulator stands out among other simulators chiefly because of the employed technology. Production works on the well-tested graphic Unreal Engine that makes the simulator look quite realistic. Especially praiseworthy are the well showed fire and smoke swirls, which behave according to the laws of physics. The flames, on the other hand, adapt to the surrounding conditions, with realistic pace spreading to farther areas. Character and vehicle models, as well as the generated vicinity, look rather average, but it doesn’t spoil the fun of the game. Check your abilities in this modern simulator, get Firefighting Simulator PC Download and admire the finely reproduced specifics of a firefighter’s life. Firefighting Simulator system requirements recommend: Intel® Core™ i5 @ 3.4 GHz or better, 4 GB system memory, 2 GB video memory, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760, 1.8 GB HDD space, Windows 7 (63-bit) and up.

Firefighting Simulator Download Full Game PC

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