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Fight of Gods PC is an original and surprising production of Digital Crafter studio. It is the first “PC” position of this studio, which was known for releasing games solely for mobile devices. The release date of the PQube publisher is scheduled for September 7, 2017.

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Game mechanics review

As the game itself indicates, Fight of Gods is a fighting games, where the most popular representatives of world religions fight with themselves. That is why we can find here Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahomet, and many other figures that are worshiped as deities. Obviously, as we can easily guess, particular deities fight with each other and they all characterize with their own, specific abilities. So, if you wish to see how it feels like to become a “god”, then you should necessarily use Fight of Gods Download links. You will see that popular fighting games can present different perspectives.

In fact, this position is a game that resembles Street Fighter to some extent. Interestingly, it can be counted as 2.5D production. Why? Because in here we move three dimensional characters set in a two-dimensional background. Another interesting fact is the background itself. In Fight of Gods the fights take place in several different “arenas”, which are associated with the representatives of particular religions. So, there’s nothing standing on our way to fight with Zeus on the top of Olympus.

The steering itself resembles classic fighting games controls (especially 2D ones). In fact, the whole combat focuses on four buttons, which can be used in any order. If you wish to remind yourself how was it to fight the enemy in popular, two-dimensional combat games, then you should search steam for Fight of Gods Download phrase.

It doesn’t mean; however, that the game presents poorly in terms of steering. With the use of several aforementioned buttons you can perform characteristic combinations. It’s worth to add that each of the playable characters has got a range of skills, which used correctly, can guarantee the victory.

Game modes

If you wish to test these game modes, type in your search engine Fight of Gods Download and install the game on your computer. The first game mode we are going to be dealing with is a training game mode. You will learn there how to perform particular punches and with time – combos as well. Another attribute of the game is single player game mode. It allows us to conduct gameplay on several different levels, which are dependent from the number of defeated enemies.

We couldn’t forget about multiplayer game mode. As you can figure it out easily, in this game mode we fight with real enemies. The advantage of this game mode is the possibility to constantly develop our own skills. We need to remember that after some time, the movement of the enemies in single player game mode will become predictable.


Fight of Gods is surely an original and surprising production, but it is also controversial. As an example, Malesia decided to block the game due to the violation of the dignity of religion. Price on steam: ‎7,99 USD.

Game requirements

  • Processor – Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz, 2 GB RAM,
  • Graphics card – 2 GB GeForce GTX 960 or better,
  • Free hard disk space – 3 GB HDD,
  • Operating system – Windows 7

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