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Everspace is a space action game in which the player explores the whole galaxy. Issued on PC Windows platform, this shooter is enriched with roguelike elements. It is the first work of small, German team called Rockfish, whose founders were working in the well-known studio Fishlabs. There, they were mostly focusing on creating series of space shooters Galaxy On Fire designed for mobile market. Everspace is a brand new approach to this type of game, because it doesn’t focus on simulating aspects, but mostly on storyline and plot. If you like flying in the spaceship and shoot to the enemies while exploring undiscovered galaxy, then you should download Everspace codex and reveal all the new possibilities.

Everspace Download full version on PC

Everspace free version pc

The action of the game has been set in a distant space in the times, where humanity has colonized almost all planetary systems. The whole entertainment begins from simple and not very complicated spacecraft equipped with basic tools. The purpose of the game is quite simple – we need to pass through countless number of locations up to the goal, which is pointed by enigmatic artificial intelligence, installed on our ship as a support for the pilot. However, the problem is that we’re going to encounter numerous enemies and pirates on our way, which are additional threat for us. Another problem of the pilot is lack of any space stations on the way, where we can refill fuel and purchase guns. All we need has to be produced by ourselves or simply stolen. The time in the game is divided into fighting with the enemy and scavenging space in search for essential resources for longer flight.

The player has to deal with the fact that at the beginning we are going to die quite a lot. However, after each death we can purchase new improvements thanks to which another approach will be easier and we will be able to fly a bit further. What’s more, action of the game is about learning how to balance the risk properly – where we can afford to attack more powerful ships, and where it will be just like a suicide. There is no time or place for long preparations or planning – if the player takes too much time in one area, then huge battleships will appear that will need merely a few shots to change the player’s ship into wreck. If adventure in the space is a fantastic fun for you, then Everspace should be in your collection. Everspace download full version and learn how to survive in a cosmic jungle!

The whole gameplay raises a lot of emotions, and even in the moment, when our protagonist dies, the player feels like he did something extraordinary. Situations, where we have to run from the pirates to other area by jumping in the last moment from one zone to another are quite emotional. The game is not only about fighting – there are also moments, where we can gather resources and admire the whole galaxy and the beauty of space thanks to amazing visual settings delivered by incredible engine Unreal Engine 4. You should definitely use Everspace free Download and find out how beautifully magic space can be while exploring consecutive areas of galaxy.

Everspace free Download on PC

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