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DiRT 4 is yet another instalment of popular series of car games, which was released, among other platforms, for PC Windows. The creation of the title was possible thanks to British studio Codemasters Software, which has decided to go back with the cycle to its roots. DiRT cycle can be called a spiritual successor of Colling McRae Rally. The latest instalment of the series brings back our dreams from the childhood about wonderful rally cars. DiRT 4 can boast with quite huge amount of improvements and new elements, thanks to which all the rides become unforgettable experience. If simulations of races and rallies is the type of game you truly like, then this part of DiRT series will certainly appeal to your taste. Get DiRT 4 Download and feel like the real rally driver, whose goal is to take the first place in the race!

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In the latest edition of the cycle the player has an opportunity to choose a car from more than 50 available cars, where we can find such classic vehicles like Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 or legendary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI. The authors of the production decided to give us five types of championships that are held in Michigan, USA, or in one of the following countries: Wales, Sweden, Spain, or Australia. Except for regular game modes, we can once again be part of Landrush, which is the mode, where we use light and flexible Pro Buggy cars and trucks Pro-2 and Pro-4. These models can be used on a tracks in such locations as Nevada, California, or Mexico. Complete novelty introduced in this part is a variation of rallycross, where we compete on these tracks: Lydden Hill, Montalegre, Hell, Holjes, or Loheac Bretagne.

If you are the guy, who really wants to feel the adrenaline while speeding, then Joyride game mode, where we have the possibility to go crazy while fulfilling different tasks is something very interesting for you. Authors focused on providing us with huge dose of realism on the racetrack. That’s why the even included very advanced damaging system, which is also supplemented with the system of mechanical damages in our vehicle. While racing the player destroys his car too much, he will have to leave it to the mechanics, where the best specialists and engineers hired by you will have to repair it. The more expensive crew, the faster and better they make your car right. However, we have to remember that we have a restricted time between races. The developers haven’t forgotten about including rich and very vast range of possibilities in upgrading our vehicle. Now, we can adjust it to our own preferences as well as the conditions on the track. If you wish to play the game, then DiRT 4 free Download is waiting for you to get it and push pedal to the metal! Fight with your rivals about the victory on a track. The title from the victories will bring you respect among the biggest rally drivers in the world!

DiRT 4 is based on the modern technology called Ego, which was slightly modified for this game. Thanks to that, there are numerous improvements in terms of three-dimensional visual settings. Now it presents perfectly. Download DiRT 4 full version, sit behind the wheel of legendary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and become the best!

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