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Close Combat free download

The much-awaited game in the series of successful Close Combat games, the PC game Close Combat: The Bloody First is coming your way to intrigue you. If you’re a fan of strategy games that aren’t the tedious fantasy adaptations, this one is a must-play for you. Developer and Publisher of this game is Matrix Games/Slitherine.

Close Combat: The Bloody First Download PC

Close Combat: The Bloody First free

The game is filled with some high-speed action unlike other strategy games of the same type. After the success of its prequels, this one will not only retain the legacy. But will engage and intrigue you even more. Close Combat: The Bloody First is filled up to the brim with features that are sure to make it enjoyable and tick all the boxes. When it comes to war strategy gaming.

Standout Features Of The Game

  • This intriguing strategy simulation consists of one major campaign you need to undertake. Apart from the one major campaign, it contains 3 additional theatre campaigns. You get to participate in a total of 36 battles including 11 intense, engaging operations.
  • This new version comes with full 32 maps updated. To make all of the missions and battles extremely engaging and worth your time. No matter which map you choose to play on and conquer you will face challenges that are fun to overcome.
  • In a first, this game features Italian armed forces which were not the case with the previous Close Combat games. All the more reason to download Close Combat: The Bloody First and cash into the ever-improving simulation around war and strategies.
  • The new sound effects introduced in the game make the gaming experience so much better. The time you spend strategizing becomes a lot more fun. After all, the sound effects and the background score of any game should go in line with the genre. Which is exactly how it is in this version of close combat.
  • The most noteworthy improvement in this game is the enhanced multiplayer mode and better match-making. Moreover, the game contains in excess of a hundred weapons, 50 different types of vehicles, and 300+ infantry. And also heavy weapon divisions in the forces.

Increased Level Of Detail In Every Aspect

The game contains much better detailing in each and every aspect ranging from the graphics to the gameplay. This makes the game an even more playable simulation in the strategy genre as not all strategy games reach the same level of detail. The Settlers is also a great strategy.

The 3D graphics have been completely revised in order to make them much more pleasing to the eye. As you plan your battles and conquer the world with your skills and strategies. This makes it even more surprising that you can also get the free Close Combat: The Bloody First version online.

So, if you’re a fan of war-based strategy games, this one is by far the best option out there. Owing solely to its realistic graphics and easy gameplay, this game is what happens when some great strategy gaming meets an unflinching eye for detail. Make sure you download your version and get set to conquer the world.

Close Combat: The Bloody First Free Full Version

Close Combat: The Bloody First download

System Requirements


Processor CPU: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Graphics GPU: 1 GB GeForce GTX 460
Memory RAM: 4 GB RAM
Storage HDD: 3 GB HDD
OS: Windows 7/8/10

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