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Bum Simulator PC is a simulation game not without humor, allowing the player to become a homeless clochard. The production, prepared for PCs with Windows, was developed by Ragged Games and published by PlayWay. If you lie games with dark humor, get Bum Simulator Download and play this original simulator. Release date of the game in the PC version scheduled for next year 2019.

Bum Simulator free Download Full Version PC

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Storyline in Bum Simulator review

Player gets to an American city. The main hero is a man who in consequence of various events loses his life’s earnings and has to live on the street. Feel like a modern hobo, get Bum Simulator Download and learn the hardships of such existence. The title offers leeway in controlling the character. The bum can live accordingly to his deplorable material status, or he can try to find a job and turn things round. Player can also put him on a way of vengeance, which allows the hero to get back on those responsible for his social downfall. Another variant of the bum’s career is an attempt to become a local legend. Control your own clochard, get Bum Simulator free Download and select the form of fun most suitable for you.

Mechanics in Bum Simulator (FPP)

Contrary to plenty of other simulators, Bum Simulator doesn’t put much emphasis on realism. Production is a sandbox of sort, with considerable importance of arcade elements. Almost all aspects of the gameplay were approached with a pinch of salt. Take part in the uninhibited fun, get Bum Simulator Download, full version, and admire the creators’ original take of a life of a modern bum. Action is showed from the first-person perspective. The game’s world is open, which gives quite a lot of freedom in exploring the American metropolis. In the locations en-route the character can fulfill various activities, and also communicate with the encountered characters. In order to check the whole production, get Bum Simulator and become a legendary bum.

Gameplay in Bum Simulator news

Mechanics of the play in Bum Simulator is based mostly on realizing activities that can allow the wretched bum to survive. The player can make use of his special powers, such as possibility of training pigeons or producing alcohol, or more down-to-earth begging and putting together cardboard shelters. In order to achieve mastership, get Bum Simulator Download and have a go in each of the bum’s activities. Particular actions are presented in comic form, free of seriousness characteristic for the subject of homelessness. During gameplay main hero will have, for instance, an opportunity to solve the mystery of rat-people dwelling in channels. Good quality graphics and realistic physical engine are advantages of the production, they add to the user’s satisfaction and fun. Bum Simulator system requirements recommend: Intel® Core™ i3 3.0 GHz or better, 4 GB system memory, 2 GB video memory, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660, 8 GB HDD space, Windows 7 (63-bit) and up.

Bum Simulator Download Game PC

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