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Bulletstorm (FPP) available on PC, X360, PS3 is rather insane production. And because it’s insane and crazy, then it’s safe to say Poles are responsible for creating them. Yes indeed, Bulletstorm (FPS) is a production of Polish studio called People Can Fly. It is a typical first person shooter, where not only efficiency but effectiveness counts as well. Release date of the reviewed science fiction game took place on February 22, 2011. Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc. More informations on: http://bulletstorm.com/

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Storyline of the game review

We are the member of elite military unit called Dead Echo. Our character is named Greyson Hunt and he just… landed on the foreign planet. Our unit guarantees the prosperity of so-called Federation of Planets – a powerful empire that dominates the Galaxy. General Sarrano, who commands the squad, leads us into the mysterious planet Stygia, which was left by the inhabitants long time ago. Unfortunately, the remnants of human civilization were destroyed by mutated flora. On the other hand, the people, who survived became the members of local tribes.

Our task is not only elimination the adversaries but also doing that in the most efficient way. So, if you love the true reckless shooters, then you should definitely install this on your computer by clicking Bulletstorm Download. You will see that the artistic killing the enemies is possible.

Game mechanics

So, Bulletstorm is the action game, where we receive a lot of weapons. These weapons have to be used as effective as it is possible. For example, for regular killings we can receive only specified amount of points. However, if we do that thanks to effective, energy leash, we can gain even several times more points.

What’s going on with these points? The more we have them, the more effective skillshots we perform. Improved energy leash can not only draw enemies. It can be sued to finish off several dozens of enemies, as well as other weapons, owned by us. Authors of the game figured that making the game where you eliminate consecutive waves of enemies doesn’t make sense. Therefore they created several other game modes (we will not mention single and multiplayers here). In one of them (team deathmatch in single player mode) our job, or the job of our team if fight with hordes of enemies. Obviously, it’s not only about survival in here. It’s all about eliminating another waves of enemies in the most effective way. The effects of our work are counted and then compared with scores of others, boot – players. If you like those types of games, where you do not fight for survival but also you try to show of some art, then you should necessarily install on your computer the game by entering in the browser Bulletstorm Download. You will see that fighting with weeds can look really effectively.

Game modes

In Bulletstorm we are dealing with two basic game modes. Obviously, we mean here single player and multiplayer. That’s why everyone, who loves cooperation, should be pleased in this case.

Graphics in the game

Bulletstorm is a game based on Unreal Engine 3.0 graphics engine. As you could suspect, visual effects will be here on the highest possible level. If you still don’t know the limits of Unreal Engine, it is must for you. Get the full game on your computer under the phrase of Bulletstorm Download and see for yourself that graphics in the game can seriously impress you (even if you are on the foreign planet). To sum up, Bulletstorm is not a game, where you have to put a lot of mental efforts. However, it is a still interesting (though only for the mature audience) way to relax after tiring day in work. Bulletstorm system requirements recommend: Pentium 4 1.6 GHz, 9 GB HDD, 1.5 GB RAM, 256 MB graphics card (GeForce 7600 GS or better), Windows XP/Vista/7.

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