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Blackwake FPP is an action game destined especially for multiplayer game mode. The production is an independent creation of, Mastfire Studios, a team of developers. It was possible to finish the title thanks to the involvement of community that co-financed the authors through a crowdfunding campaign carried out by Kickstarter service. If you ever wanted to become a pirate, get Blackwake Download and try your strength in spectacular sea battles. The release date of the (TPP) game in the PC version is scheduled for December 2018, but there is early access from February 25, 2017. Price on steam: 19,99 USD.

Blackwake Free Download Full Version PC

Blackwake game steam

Gameplay in Blackwake

The basis of the gameplay in Blackwake are naval battles presented in the first person perspective. In one match there can be up to 64 participants. Each of them takes the role of a member of one of vessels that take part in the clash. The game requires from the players fulfilling various duties. One of the most basic tasks include loading cannons, shooting, repairing and patching the hull, as well as pouring out water from board. The key element of the game is boarding, where players can use sabers and muskets. Get Blackwake Download and take part in fascinating naval clashes to bring your ship to victory.

Mechanics in Blackwake

The player can take the role not only an ordinary ship member, but also a captain himself. His duties are as follows: coordinating actions of other participants and developing tactics adequate to the current situation. The player that was appointed captain can be released of his duties, and with the democratic vote, the players can choose another one. If you wish to command a pirate ship during naval battle, use Blackwake PC free Download and guide your ship crew to victory. Gameplay includes very advanced weather system that is constantly changing and hinders the players’ activity. Quite spectacular variety of the game can be a storm. If you are not afraid of naval challenges, use Blackwake Downlaod links and feel on the real ship.

Game modes in Blackwake review

In the basic variant of the gameplay, the players clash in one v one battles. Blackwake also offers the possibility to fight 6 ships at the same time, and the participants of the game can use vessels of different sizes. Particular vessels can be modified thanks to which we can change their appearance as well as give them names. In order to create your own sea dog, get Blackwake free Download and give it a number of individual features.

Technical issues of Blackwake news

The visual settings in Blackwake grants great quality. Three-dimensional graphics was prepared extremely carefully. The way water was made deserves special recognition, just like variety of special effects that accompany rain, storms, and other atmospheric changes. The whole is completed with appropriate music that suits perfectly the climate of the production. We should also praise all the sounds that are generated by intense naval fights. Blackwake system requirements recommend: Intel® Core™ i5-6500 @3.2GHz, system memory 8 GB RAM, 3 GB HDD space, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 (4 GB), DirectX 11 compatible graphics card, Windows 10 (64-bit), game mode: multiplayer.

Blackwake Download Game PC

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