Anthem free Download

Anthem free download

Anthem (TPP) is a shooter designed for personal computers with Windows operating systems, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It includes MMO elements. The title was created by BioWare studio in Edmoenton, the guys responsible for such blockbusters as Mass Effect or Dragon Age cycles. The publisher of the game is Electronic Arts, and the premiere took place on February 22, 2019. Price on store: 80 USD (pre order).

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game Anthem free download

Storyline in Anthem game review

Anthem (TPS) is a production with science-fiction atmosphere. The action of the game takes place in a distant planet, where the citizens are protected from enormous beasts thanks to gigantic wall. The player takes the role of a freelancing shooter, a daredevil who is equipped with Javelin class armour. This type of equipment allows our figure to fight with aggressive representatives of hostile fauna as well as ruthless creatures known as Scars. The goal of the player is to protect the citizens of the bastion, as well as perform tasks given to him. If you want to experience unforgettable adventure in science-fiction world, search Steam for Anthem Download and face hateful inhabitants of this cursed planet.

Game mechanics in Anthem news

Anthem PS4, PC and XONE combines the elements of traditional shooter with the typical MMO production. The player begins his journey from creating his own character, and his goal is to explore the world and complete mission. The tasks can be performed both, solo or with companions. Be part of fantastic expedition, click Anthem free Download links to join your own character. The character we decide to choose can be developed with the use of experience points the player receives after fulfilling particular tasks.

The gameplay in Anthem

The player observes all the events from the third person perspective. In most of the cases the fight has got an arcade elements, thanks to which Anthem resembles classic shooting games. The biggest impact on the results of the clashes have got the agility of the player as well as his aim, and not individual abilities of the figure. If you like this type of games, browse all the services in search for Anthem Download and show your above-average skills. Special supporting armours take crucial role in the game while playing. The player can use the vast choice of models that characterize with different type of equipment and various specifications. There is also a possibility to modify and upgrade them, thanks to which the hardware can be adjusted to the individual needs of the player.

Each model has got jet engines that facilitate the exploration of the planet. In this way we can also expand our tactical possibilities while clashing the enemy.

Technical side of the game

Anthem focuses on very detailed visual settings, which was prepared in full three dimensions. It was designed based on Frostbite engine, the same used in Battlefield 1. Thanks to that, the production gained perfect interactivity of the battlefield. It can manifest in, for example, in the shape of the terrain and numerous changes that take places while the game progresses further on. The title can be also characterized with very well-prepared damages system. While playing, we can destroy both smaller, as well as larger objects. So, if you wish to be part of this unusual adventure, click Anthem PC Download links and visit the distant planet. Anthem system requirements recommend: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K 4-Core (4.0GHz), system memory 16 GB RAM, 60 GB HDD space, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 (8 GB), DirectX 11 compatible graphics card, Windows 10 (64-bit).

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