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A lot of you dream about testing yourselves behind the wheel of a big truck and traverse the roads and wilderness, become a kind of the road, run over highways, local roads and appear in different cities. In this game you can do that. What’s more, there will be roads, off-roads and cities in the US. American Trucker career stays behind you wide open. Decide, sit behind the eighteen-wheeler and move ahead. Price on steam: 19,99 USD.

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American Truck Simulator PC is a real treat for those who love big trucks and American roads. In this game you can feel as a real trucker, roam the most important roads in the United States. You can be not only a driver but you can get the chance to acquire and manage your own transporting company. Get American Truck Simulator Download for free and sit behind the wheel of the truck you choose and hit the road in America! Creators of this game is Bohemian studio called SCS Software and multiplayer game is based on their own engine. It’s worth adding that already mentioned group has got huge experience in making simulators where we drive a lorry. Previous games designed by SCS Software include two Euro Truck editions and cult driving simulator, which is called 18 Wheels of Steel. Those who know these titles surely know how well they reflect the realism of working as a truck driver and how many hours of passionate fun it can provide. Get American Truck Simulator Download and become professional driver. The release date of the publisher’s game IMGN.PRO was scheduled for February 2, 2016.

Why is this game worth downloading? Why you should play it? There are many answers but the most important is a big realism of the game. Authors take care of that in many aspects, from great reproduction of plenty of American roads, to very thorough details on the most popular car American truck brands. Authorial engine of the game and perfect graphics are noticeable pros not only from the perspective of highways. Stunning cities that are mapped with great care, containing many characteristic buildings. Entering the city and even approaching to it we perfectly know where are we. Game, no matter what element of it will be assessed by us, is incredibly realistic, so it’s worth having it in your collection and play in American Truck Simulator. You have to see it by yourself.

From the perspective of truck driver, it’s important what vehicle will we drive. When it comes to that, there is a huge choice. The fleet of vehicles available in the game is quite vast, it contains most of popular as well as beautiful American lorries, not without the reason called the road trains. Controlling them is a pure pleasure but also a challenge.

In the game, as well as in other productions of this kind, there is a career path of some kind. We can become as a driver who works for a specified transporting company, who earns not that huge money. Later on we can decide to establish our own business, obtain the transporting orders, develop the company and hire a lot of drivers as well. There are so many possibilities there. All fans of truck driving simulators should check opportunities offered by American Truck Simulator. Lots of grand effects guaranteed. Game can be downloaded in full version from American Truck Simulator Download. It’s really good choice, because game previously mentioned is one of the finest simulators devoted to this subject. For more information, please visit:

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Hardware requirements


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 760 or better.
RAM: 6 GB System Memory.
OS: Windows® 7 and up (64-bit).
CPU: Quad core CPU @ 3.0 GHz or better.
GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 3 GB.
DX: DirectX 11.

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