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Grow together as one in Weakless PC game. Each game is developed with a basic trait: the protagonist becomes stronger to defeat the overpowering enemy. What is uncommon is that no protagonist is handicapped. Weakless PC game is unique in this aspect as Two Weavings, one deaf and the other blind, work in harmony to solve exciting and complex puzzles. It has been developed by Cubeish Games and Punk Notion. The game is set in a stunning environment. It is an enjoyable adventure game that will make you think twice before acting. Though, the game is brief and might leave you wanting more.

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How Has Weakless Differentiated Itself From Other Puzzle Games?

Weakless might be an adventure puzzle game but it seems far more original. The game is well thought-out and manages to woo the players owing to its distinct gameplay:

  • The narrative is intriguing and the use of two protagonists, Blind and Deaf, instead of one adds a charm. You will have to make use of both to get through the game and solve puzzles.
  • The map is linear to stop you from getting lost. Both the protagonists have different abilities and using them also changes the appearance of the environment. Thus, you will have to learn to use them both in the best way possible.
  • The game balances the complexity of protagonists with the accessibility of puzzles. Puzzles require more teamwork and less brainstorming. The game never frustrates but only amazes the player.
  • The World of Weakless free is magnificent and visually stunning. The game aims to save the world from a calamity. The simpler narrative with a few mysteries makes the game enjoyable.
  • The game intends to send out a ‘nature vs. machine’ theme. The game is concise and yet comprehensive. It leaves you longing for more.

How Good Is The Gameplay?

Protagonists might have deficiencies but each also has specific powers. It relays a strong message. You might require some time to get used to both as they will be required for different tasks. Blind sees the world in black and white only but he can move heavy objects. On the other hand, Deaf can see the beauty of nature and while he is indifferent to sounds, he can climb unreachable places.

Weakless torrent has no dialogues, speech or epilogue. You will naturally pick up the pace and understand the basics. Since the path is mostly linear, players do not have to worry about getting lost. There are different types of puzzles; few are even sound-based. The puzzles are not too tough but require a certain level of skills to be solved.

The game boasts excellent graphics and designs. It is surreal but brief. If played with interest and intent, the game will be over quickly. Weakless is perfect in almost every aspect but the developers could have made it longer. Though a long game does not imply a good game, with the difficulty level of Weakless, the game gets over rather swiftly.

Should Weakless Be Your Next Download?

With no storytelling and brief gameplay, Weakless barely manages to win over the players. The main storyline of protecting the world from Rot and an indirect hint at nature’s war with machines; the game overall performs well. There is no background to the Weavelings. The game is concise and subtle. Except for the virtual world, every other element is unpretentious.

The concept of using two characters with different weaknesses and powers is intriguing. The game performs well in many aspects and you will be hooked to it. The only downside to this is that it would not take long to finish the game.

Regardless, install Weakless for what it offers. The game is put together perfectly. The puzzles are a bit tough and ideal for rookies. Puzzles are not present at every corner and you can walk around to enjoy the scenery. The balance that the TPP game creates makes it soothing. Also, minor additions such as hidden areas that unlock drawings in Deaf’s sketchbook and instruments for Blind to play add to the charm.

Download Weakless And Win Through Cooperation

Thus, Weakless carries a lot of potentials. The developers invested a lot in making the game beautiful. There are technical glitches and the game is small but it brings uniqueness to the puzzle genre. By combining different elements, Cubeish and Punk Notion have displayed their creativity. download Weakless to experience surreal and wild nature fight organized machines.

The magical land with calming music is worth a visit. The game could have been better but that does not make it bad. Even with the issues, gamers should not miss out on Worthless. Not many puzzle adventure games can differentiate themselves from others in the same category. Switch between Deaf and Blind, cross barriers and solve puzzles in a mesmerizing landscape. Play Weakless, cooperate and save the forest from rotting away.

Weakless game full version

Weakless pc

System requirements PC


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 650 Ti or better.
RAM: 8 GB System Memory.
OS: Windows® 7 or better 64-bit.
CPU: Intel i3 6th gen or better.
GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 5 GB.
DX: DirectX 11.

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