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Watch Dogs 2 on PC, PS4, XONE is yet another instalment of very popular, sandbox game based on Grand Theft Auto. Ubisoft Montreal studio is responsible for creating the game. Reviewed science fiction game is the continuation of the very popular first part from 2014. The game is called sandbox, because the gameplay is really expanded in here. The release date is November 15, 2016. Twitter:

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The storyline review

As we remember, previous version of the game was quite grim. In the case of Watch Dogs 2, it is completely different, and the gameplay itself is much lighter than in the original. This time, we are moved to San Francisco. One has to admit that the city is mapped really realistically. Buildings as well as transport means used by us look as well as work quite well. In Watch_Dogs 2 (TPP), we personate a man named Holloway, who is the member of one of the hacker groups. Its members not only fight with the ubiquitous power (here, depicted as the Central Operating System) but also have a great fun. Screenwriters for the game are Ethan James Petty and Madeleine Hart that’s why the gameplay has much lighter character…

If you want to see how the combination of light lifestyle and hacking literally everything you can looks like, then Watch Dogs 2 Download and enjoy the freedom! Just be careful not to get hacked by someone!

Game mechanics

As it happens in Watch Dogs 2, the main goal of the player is hacking everything what you can. We can hack urban communication (what can often end up in accident) and smartphones of all pedestrians. In this respect, Watch Dogs 2 actually gives us a lot of possibilities.

If you ever played in the first part, then the second instalment will surely appeal to your taste. Why? Due to simple reason. In Watch Dogs 2 we have got a lot of very interesting gadgets. Obviously, if we want to know what gadgets we are talking about, you should definitely get the (TPS) game by entering in the browser Watch Dogs 2 trainer Download. We can say that there are drones and weapons produced with the help of 3D printer. The producers allowed grraczon to use single-player mode but also to cooperate or compete.

The advantage of gameplay in Watch Dogs 2 is completely opened in-game world. The given level can be finished on several different methods. Nothing limits us in this aspect.
The impressiveness of the game is emphasized by parkour elements, which is the art of quick moves throughout the city using your own legs (and of course several dozens of crazy stunts). This ability is especially useful when we have to run from the authorities.

Game modes

You can say about Watch Dogs 2 a lot, including the fact that it is available in both single player and multiplayer versions. However, it’s definitely not enough. As it is in the original, the game modes in the second part are heavily connected with each other. For example, we can stroll around the city in single player just to for example help out our friends who are playing in multiplayer. How do we know that? From Grand Theft Auto of course!

Technical issues

Despite the fact that Watch Dogs 2 and the first edition have a lot things in common, it’s hard to hide that you will find a lot of changes in the new version. They include a completely refreshed user interface, brand new city (now it looks even more realistic) and artificial intelligence, which in the second part stands on a very high level. Interaction between heroes has been developed as well. Now they can carry out even more actions, such as sending police at each other. For the needs of the game, the Disrupt engine was used, thanks to which we can admire great graphics and an excellent soundtrack.

To sum up the game, Watch Dogs 2 is yet another title from the series of “naughty” games. However, if you love these types of productions and you are familiarized with Watch Dogs 2 and GTA, you should definitely download Watch Dogs 2 on your computer. The reviewed game of the Ubisoft Montreal team is another for the collection of games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Far Cry 5 or the great Assassin’s Creed Origins. Watch Dogs 2 system requirements recommended Intel Core i5 3470 3.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB HDD, graphics card 4 GB, GeForce 970 or better, Windows 7 (SP1)/8.1/10 (64-bit).

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