The Outer Worlds Game free

The Outer Worlds free

Every gamer is different with their own set of preferred genres of games. There are multitudes of online videogames one can find in varied genres that keeps the gaming world going with hundreds of fans discovering new games every day.

Role-playing video games like RTS video games open a whole new virtual world for the gamers to explore. The genre subsequently differs from the rest where the player can truly feel like a part of the game. Release date: October 25, 2019.

The Outer Worlds Download PC

The Outer Worlds full version

Such games are not just for entertainment as the gamers along the gameplay will discover new worlds and new possibilities. The Outer Worlds PC Game is one such game that will have you involved in the game while you discover the plot and twists that await to be revealed.

The game is created by Obsidian Entertainment while Private Division would be publishing it for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Game Premise

Set up in the future ruled by mega-corporations that have been terraforming the alien planets via colonization forms the main plot of the easy to download The Outer Worlds Game. While players assuming the protagonist who is bound to far off galaxy, your ship goes astray where you wake up after decades of cryosleep.

Once awake, you realize that the other passengers on board your ship are in hibernation. It is up to you as the main lead to discover the fluke and to unveil the mystery surrounding the corporation whether they are too good to be true or otherwise.

Once the game gets going, based on the choices you make as the main character will influence the story’s narrative which makes for a better gaming experience. Discover the various outcomes your choices will lead you to throughout the game.


Played from a first-person perspective, in the first part of the game, you will get to customize your character while unlocking a ship which is the crux of the game. However, you will not be able to control this ship.

Nevertheless, through this ship, the players will be able to access the different locations of the The Outer Worlds game. As a gamer controlling the main character, you will come across non-playable characters who will influence your progress in the game.

By recruiting these characters who also happen to have unique stories and missions, you will be using them to aid you during combat. Studio Obsidian Entertainment owns games like Tyranny from 2016.

Tactical thinking

As each character have their own special skills and attacking strategies, it will be imperative for the gamer to choose these characters wisely as only two characters can accompany the player on missions while the other non-playable characters remain aboard.

The players can use three ranges of melee and firearms that is light, medium, and heavy. Moreover, these can further be tailored to enhance the level of damage it can cause.

The players also have the option of avoiding combats where they can use their stealth ability or simply employ their social skills to persuade the opposition from attacking you.

Additional skills and points

As you play the game, you will also earn experience points which you or your companions can use to progress to higher levels or to gain new skills. You will also get the chance of developing your technical skills in the fields of science, engineering, and medical category.

With these additional technical skills, you can up your game or gain a tactical advantage over your opponent. For instance, you can use the tactical Time Dilation to get a glimpse of your adversary’s health statistics. All the advantages and disadvantages of The Outer Worlds are the Unreal Engine.

However, you will have to watch out for certain Flaws that you may garner when you constantly fail in certain missions of the game. Though the Flaw will strip you of your earned skills, they will also provide other perks in the game.

Play the free The Outer Worlds game to learn more about this tactical role-playing game.

The Outer Worlds free Game

Installation game The Outer Worlds

System requirements PC


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 770 or better.
RAM: 8 GB System Memory.
OS: Windows® 7 or better 64-bit.
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3570K 3.4GHz or better.
GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 30 GB.
DX: DirectX 11.


GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970 or better.
RAM: 8 GB System Memory.
OS: Windows® 7 or better(64-bit).
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4690 3.5GHz or better.
GPU RAM: 4 GB Video Memory.
Hard Drive Space Required: 30 GB.
DX: DirectX 11.

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